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Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary Opens her Doors in 2011!

Hey hey hey LOVEly Earth Angels Divine!!!
We have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!!

Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary

has just announced her 2011 Program Line Up
for her Toronto, Ontario physical location, and it’s AMAZING!!!

Check out the fabYOUlousness BElow!!!


❤The Goddesses & Gods are Gathering
in 2001 in
Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary❤

The Goddesses & Gods ARE Gathering

The time IS NOW to BE our TRUTH!

To come together supportively, collaboratively, cooperatively, to assist, uplift, empower, enLIGHTen & LOVE ONE another
as we ascend
through this Balancing of our Energy Frequencies, as we Harmonize our Melody within the tonality of our TRUTH, as
Earth Angels Divine
BEings of LOVE’s Light ❤

To balance our feminine energy the Goddesses shall meet on [the friday closest to] the 1st quarter 1/2 Moon, the epitome of our energy balanced in BEaYOUty ❤
starting Friday, January 14, 2011
{actual 1/2 Moon on Jan. 12}

To balance our masculine energy, the Gods shall meet on [the friday closest to] the Full Moon of heightened Feminine Energy
starting Friday, January 21, 2011
{actual full Moon on Jan. 19}

_()_ Namaste _()_


EXTRA EXTRA Read ALL about it:
❤❤❤❤❤ Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s ❤❤❤❤❤
2011 Program Line Up includes:
❤❤❤Guided Meditation!!❤❤❤

Guided Meditation with Roni

We meet three times a week from 2-3pm for some fabYOUlous Guided Meditation with Roni ❤
❤Mondays we send forth our energy to HEAL our physicality and that of our Earth School & ALL that BE.
❤Tuesdays we journey through, following our own deep cleansing breaths, our entire BEingness, opening the channels of communication for ALL the ONEderFull Light energy of LOVE that IS WE, to flow through brilliantly.
❤Thursdays are for those of WE who like a little more ACTion in our experience of BEingness, as we partake within light yogic movements whilst focusing our Mind & BEingness upon the Stillness of our Breath & BEaYOUty of our Miraculous BEingness.

We BEgin our Meditative Journeys together on Monday, January 10, 2010.
Space IS Limited…..calling to reserve IS HIGHly Recommended ❤


❤Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary
OPENs her Doors
❤”Pondering Play with Souls Talking Brain”❤
on Wednesday, January 12, 2011!!

Pondering Play with Souls Talking Brain

Inspired by the fabYOUlous webTV show:
Soul’s Talking Brain,
with yOUR Double Goddess,
Roni Lipstein & Aline Ohannessian
❤Souls Talking Brain, Pondering PLAY❤
brings the WebTV show to YOU LIVE in
Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary where we get to meet in person and collectively share our insights, ideas, & words of LOVE’s Wisdom with and for the BEnefit of ALL of WE.

These evenings will BE faBYOUlous opportunities for masterMINDing and exponential growth personally & communally as we delve together into the Ontological.


❤How LOVEly when we can show our affection fearlessly!

Community Soul Touch Playshop

a 12 session PLAYShop of LOVE’s Light for the BEenfit of ALL WE, in which we get to face our own personal fears, and stand BEfore SELF COURAGEously, in an environment of safety & comfort and embrace SELF and thus ALL others in the Light of LOVE that IS our TRUTH.

Our Playshop BEgins on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, and meets every 2nd Tuesday,
in the LOVing home of
❤Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary❤.

**The Playshop IS incremental through out the 12 sessions.
**It IS HIGHly recommended to attend EACH Playshop.
**So long as there IS space, YOU can join us for any session through out our Playshop experience ;O)



Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary IS
~home to furry LOVE filled animals

~a cozy comfy intimate space….reserving yOUR experience IS HIGHly Recommended
647-439-3837 ❤❤❤❤ soulsfamily [at] 1isall [dot] com  ❤❤❤❤ 909 Manning Ave., Toronto

~dedicated to keeping YOU informed of any cancellations or date changes that may arise through out our year. To so DO, we shall BE sending out emails/announcements through our Fulfilled Destiny & Soul’s Talking Brain blog Newsletters as well as our Facebook Pages & Group. Sign up for one or ALL of these to ensure YOU are ALLways informed :)

~Water Bottles & Floor Mats for ALL programs ARE recommended

We are BLISSed the opportunity to welcome YOU through the doors of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary in 2011 as we journey this fabYOUlous adventure together sharing in the Light of LOVE that IS WE.

Radiating LOVE
In Lak’ech Ala K’in
yOUR Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary Family

***P.S.   ALL posters [with the exception of the goddess & gods gathering] were designed by ArtWave Design, breathing inspiration into life.
To Breath Inspiration into yOUR products or services, get in touch with ArtWave Design directly at
ArtWaveDesign [at] 1isall [dot] com.
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    1. Tia (Reply) on Aug 22, 2011

      Stumbled on to you…you with the same name, same heart, similar message. Blessings to you…thank you for your work. You seem more active than I and for that I’m grateful. I tend to “go down under” a lot. I also have a soulSanctuaire page on fb. and my name of Facebook is Tia de Sonora

      So good to see your work out there.