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Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

So ya wanna save the world……

Well, we’re definitely living in a world that needs saving…..but…..the world, our Universal Family members making up this world, aren’t so keen on CHANGE, FEAR has them gripped by the throats, like the big bad wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”, and though they beg and cry for their salvation, they cling like spiders to the web of imprisoned illusion, they have grown accustomed to.

We ALL KNOW the government is corrupt, the legal system lacks justice, and inequality reigns supreme.

There is no need to hide our faces in shame, or make pretend otherwise, it’s all documented facts, and if it’s not documented loudly enough, it’s spread like wild fire through the masses, via our entertainment mediums such as movies, t.v. shows and internet to keep us up to date with the TRUTHS we choose to pretend aren’t really there.

Except, they are.

And WE ALL KNOW it!!!

Why do we turn the other cheek? Go about living our daily lives as though we aren’t affected, making pretend there’s nothing we can do about it and our lives are insignificant in the greater scheme of things?

Because that’s what we have been told, by those who are running the world, and us – our lives, as they so please, so long, of course, as their back pockets are getting larger and larger with YOUR bulging dollars.

Did I mention, the dollars,……they’re YOUrs!!!!

That’s right, no matter how much you want to make pretend or look away, the bottom line is, YOU are FEEDING the very things, people, systems, corporations, organizations that are keeping us all down, WE ALL are!!!


Because we have been brainwashed, disillusioned or otherwise cajoled into believing it was for “our good”, our benefit, and what’s more, we NEED it! We need to be controlled, we need money to exist and definitely, we DON’T NEED to think for our selves, because there are others who will take care of everything for us.

And WE believe them! So, we give up our individual rights to think, to be who we really are, and keep walking around, living our own lives, as though they are insignificant and have no affect on the WHOLE……when in TRUTH, they do, WE ALL DO!!!!

Let’s look at this logically. You have all these parts, that are required in order for your watch to function, your car to drive, your computer to work.

If ONE piece of the WHOLE is affected negatively, the ENTIRE WHOLE is negatively affected, the watch, car or computer is not going to work the way it’s supposed to, the way it is MEANT TO BE! There is simply no getting around this FACT.

WE ARE PARTS of the WHOLE, EACH and EVERY ONE of US, INDIVIDUALLY, is ONE very important part of the whole that make up our Universal Family, here upon the Earth School,

Our reality IS of our making, and yet the reality chosen by our Universal Family remains one of Fear.

Fear allows for materialism to take precedence over that, which is TRUTH, like the Miracle of YOU and ME.

My entire life has been a statement FOR LOVE.

As a young child, I always stood up for equality, peace and harmony.

This “idealistic” perceptual reality of my BEingness, as my parents so often labeled me, has, in my 38 years of living and experiencing life, remained as steadfastly integral to my BEingness as ever, and yet…

“Jacques Fresco’s Future by Design” is still, but a design.

Always I have, and to this day believe, that to BE the example is to BE part of the change.

I have done all I can to distance myself from the illusions of this world, the faux stresses that cause so many, disease, unease, and ultimately death.

How many car accidents have been caused because someone is late for work? How many have drowned their lives in a bottle of alcohol, a needle of drugs, or other chosen self medicating narcotics, just to escape the stress and strain of an overbearing, self consumed, money hungry boss?


Yes, from a very young age, I knew, intrinsically, that this world was not operating as it should, by, of, & through LOVE.

As a result, I became quite adept at dismissing the many, including my closest friends, and even my own family, whom would advise me on the “truths of this world”, and how one MUST BE, in order to survive within it.

As it turns out, all their attempts to assimilate me into the “norm” of society, actually provided for me, the greatest gift of all, the gift of SELF LOVE.

I was never one to watch or read the news, and as I grew in my knowledge, my awareness of the skewed media perspective we have all been fed, as chosen by those who are running our world, I stopped watching and reading it altogether. I didn’t buy a cell phone, distanced myself from those around me whom themselves, were too disillusioned by all the brainwashing, to think “outside the box” of our imprisonment, the “norms” of society. I left a lucrative job in the corporate industry, where I learned that BEing ME, BEing LOVE was definitely not a welcome presence, let alone a means to succeed, and chose to dedicate my SELF WHOLLY to that which I KNOW {knew} to BE TRUTH. I delved deeply into my research and independent studies of the TRUTHS of Our existence, life, the Universe, WE, wrote my first book, “Radiate Soul Light”, and essentially found myself living a very hermetic lifestyle.

I chose to surround myself with all that is positive and light, founded YOUr Wisdom and Wellness Community Lounge, “Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary”, to offer myself, my talents, my knowledge & wisdom to assist others in finding their own Truths, Light and SELF LOVE, all the while, maintaining complete honesty, truth and self, whilst so doing.

Aline Ohannessian & Roni Lipstein

Aline Ohannessian & Roni Lipstein

In the process, I, and now, blessed with my Soul Twin Sister, Aline Ohannessian, have provided countless numbers, our services of LOVE and LIGHT- pro bono!!!


Why, when one is doing all they can to give that which all are crying for, FREEDOM, LOVE, HAPPINESS, meaning in their lives, are we not able to survive, provide that which our selves require in this material world of commecialism?


Having done ALL I can to live by TRUTH, to live through LOVE, to be an open and honest individual, whether in my personal or professional life, what I have found is, no matter which way I turn, I AM a member of this current society, this NOW, and this NOW, though on its way, has yet to surface from the brainwashed illusory reality of commercialism.

To be able to BE the example and part of the change, you need to be around to be able to so do.

You need to SURVIVE in THIS world to be able to change this world,

Thus the question then becomes, how does one of TRUTH, LOVE, PEACE, and HARMONY survive in a world of material commercialism and still stay TRUE to SELF?

Well, it took me about 20 years, but the answer is “compromise”. The answer is using the tools by which our Universal Family currently recognizes, even if those are the very tools you are attempting to rid our world of, that you may in fact, do that very thing.

Oyyyyyy, the breakdown that did occur!!!

But, I am, We are, dedicated to BEing the change, and making change, and having a positive affect, and we had to, and have, found a way to reach our Universal Family, who so desperately needs and more over wants to be reached, even if that means going deep deep into the jungle!!!

Aline Ohannessian and I are both communication professionals, from our days in the corporate jungle, advertising, marketing, public relations, graphic design, web design, copywriting, radio, and television, to name but a few.

We shifted our selves away from these aspects of SELF, as they were so imbued within all that is illusory, only to find ourselves now, blessed these very tools of communication. More so, the tools of communication that have sprung up since leaving our corporate worlds behind, the internet, and Internet Marketing. OOhhh one of those “communication words” I so loathed when “selling swamp land in florida”.

But……..”what” and “why” you are selling, providing your services, TRUEly makes ALL the difference! Suddenly, “Marketing” is not such a horrible word after all,….. and thus the compromise begins.

Oh the TERROR!!! I’m back in it again, NO!!! This can’t be the way, I hate sales, though I am offering my services for the good of all, and do need to survive,…….

Breaking down……….

Knowing that what we are offering, our services of wisdom and wellness, is for the good of ALL, that our purpose in so offering is to enlighten all, to live their lives in happiness, health and love, and be able to survive our selves, whilst so doing, as opposed to growing rich off the exhausting labours of others, has given new breath and life to, and made even “marketing” no longer such a ‘compromise’ or terror afterall :O)

YEAH, I’m starting to piece my self back together!!! Permanent break down averted, and I am able to breathe, and feel light and free, and ME again :O)

YES, we are using the tools of the “trade”, but we are doing so, from within, for the higher good of ALL, and thus affecting change for ALL positively!!

There are many businesses who will tell you that you need their product to be a better person, whether it’s clothing, perfume, etc…, telling you how much they care about you, how important you are to them, when in fact, all they care about is getting your dollars into their pockets, trust me, we know, we were the ones creating the very campaigns they used to convince you that your life wouldn’t be the same without their products. They are, as the term goes, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

We have found the way, gone deep deep into the jungle, donned the undercover gear necessary, and though we may appear to be just another wolf in the world of business and commercialism, we are in FACT, the TRUTH, the Answer, the Way, the “Sheep, in Wolves clothing”.

I won’t lie, donning the wolf’s fatigues is a compromise that can not be dismissed, rationalized, or otherwise cajoled as living TRUE. However, until we are living in a society that is RESOURCE BASED and not one that is bent on the all mighty dollar, it is a compromise, even the most angelic of our Light BEings must make, if they are to survive and actually affect the change they are here to so affect, for ALL of WE, Our Universal Family, here upon our Earth School.

Yep, that’s right, we’re do’in it backwards!!! We’re the angels donning human form, wearing business suits, and using all the tools of our corporate minds, which is the language of our current society, but instead of trying to sell swamp land as furtile gold, and packing our bosses pockets with your money, we’re actually selling real GOLD, and packing YOUr LIVES chock full of meaning and TRUTH!

Welcome to YOUR Fulfilled Destiny!!!

Blessedly BE

Roni & YOUr Soul’s Family
Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary

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    1. James Thomas (Reply) on Nov 15, 2008

      Hi Radiate… enzymeluv here… Just wanted u to know that I can relate to all your tagg’n about. I’m delighted to be one of your Twitter followers. Thanks for being you. Keep up the good vibes.

    2. Radiate Soul Light (Reply) on Nov 17, 2008

      James, Thank YOU for BEing YOU and sharing in the experience of YOU with ALL of WE, here on Fulfilled Destiny S3’s blog.
      We are greatly humbled the honour and look forward to hearing more of YOUr Mind’s musings, for the benefit of ALL of WE, in Light and LOVE, siblings of Our Universal Family.
      I am personally humbled and delighted to KNOW that WE are sharing in the collaborative quest to bring positive change, to live life as intended to BE, in collaborative equality for all of WE.
      I look forward to seeing your tweets and sharing more with YOU :O)
      Thank you so much and again, WELCOME to Fulfilled Destiny S3.
      Blessedly BE
      in PeaceFull LOVing Serenity,

    3. ClintonR (Reply) on Mar 18, 2009

      Lol, good vibes indeed. I hope we can all make this ideology a reality. Great site.

    4. love (Reply) on Mar 18, 2009

      Hello Clinton!!
      Thank YOU so much for YOUr sweet words of acknowledgement and support!! May WE ALL come to BE that which we are intended to BE, Living Life in PeaceFull LOVing Serenity as ONE Universal Family!!

      Blessedly BE
      Roni and Aline

    5. Bud Hasherdashery (Reply) on Jun 4, 2009

      God, Dolly Parton singing 9-5 what a way to make a living. The cold hearted orb that rules the night left for Tijuana and tell me brother, can you spare a dime.

      Global Warming, Climate Control, everyone scrambling to be green as Obama falsely promises high paying jobs as we work together to save the world. Clue time, the world cannot be self sustainable with a world population of more than 2.5 Billion people, and by 2050 we will need two planet earths to feed this one’s consumption of worldly goods. Can we say BIRTH CONTROL?

      Keep up the work…@marijuana_news from Twitter

      • love (Reply) on Jun 5, 2009

        Hey Bud!!! LOVEly to see ya here!! Thank YOU soooooooo MUCH for humbling WE the honour of YOUr BEingnesses Fantabulous Energies!!!
        I DO agree with ya, there is MUCH DECEPTION within our world, INCLUDING the “scarcity” FEAR, that there isn’t enough, there are too many people, not enough resources, when in FACT, there IS ENOUGH… is a matter of Equalateral Distribution….Resource Based Living {check out Future By Design} instead of Monetary Skewed Living of the very elitist few, utilizing propoganda tactics to convince the majority of we that Money is somehow evil……when in FACT, money is NOTHING but a TOOL which is USED for Positive or Negative purposes by PEOPLE…….
        Imagine a world where……..instead of the VERY FEW having WAY WAY WAY MORE than the MAJORITY…..EVERYONE had EVERYTHING they needed, wanted, desired……….This is POSSIBLE, This is the FUTURE and WE ARE MAKING the CHANGES… Live Life as INTENDED to BE, as ONE Universal Family in PeaceFull LOVing Serenity riding the waves of one Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’in Journey :O)
        Blessedly BE Sweet Angel!!!!
        We are sooooooo very Blessed YOUr Beingness :O)

    6. Seraphina knows (Reply) on Aug 18, 2010

      The voices of Earth Angels are being heard right Now through your Divine and Intentional Design.
      Way to go! As to future potentials – we ARE RIGHT NOW creating the future you so beautifully describe! With every breath of DESIRE and INTENTION we are co-creating the endless possibilities for “HUMANITY RISING ®” in a shared horizon of sanity and serenity. In the meantime, no boat ride is without a few waves, so let’s get together and ride out the storm into the waiting rainbows! Nothing is impossible, and together, we can HEAL our people and planet.
      Keep right on SHINING and SHARING your incredible light ladies! YOU ARE APPRECIATED and ever SO LOVED!!!!! ~ Seraphina ~

    7. Gabriella (Reply) on Nov 22, 2010

      Thank you for your blog Roni. Seems you & I have walked the very same path for the past 3 decades. If I start typing now, I know I’ll write an essay. Suffice to say; keep shining brightly – there are more of us than you may realize. Your work will help to bring some of us together and that will continue to create a MONUMENTAL BRIGHT LIGHT for others to follow. That’s what its all about. Being a beacon of Light for others to follow, each in our own way. Peace, Gab.

    8. love (Reply) on Nov 23, 2010

      Thank YOU Gabriella!!
      Indeed ALLways it IS such a ONEderFull BLISSing to BE in the AWAREness of other AWARE Light BEings, and thus Healers upon our Earth School ;O)

      We are ALL Light BEings of LOVE and those amongst us whom are aware are Greatly BLISSed to so BE and sooooooooooo very GreatFull for this Perceptual Reality AM I, ALLways!!!!

      Indeed…….to walk in AWAREness IS to walk in Bliss and who would NOT want to so BE!!!
      What a ONEderFull Gift for those amongst WE to have CHOSEn to Usher in THIS, our transcended, awakened, enLIGHTened TRUE Reality ;O)

      BLISSFull Hugs of LOVE’s Gratitude to YOU!

    9. N.Peligeiro (Reply) on Jun 12, 2011

      Both your title and content reminded me of a Gurdjieff quote. Actually it was Gurdjieff quoting Mullah Nassr Eddin’s advice to in everything “strive that the wolf be full and the sheep intact.” It’s to be pondered and considered on multiple levels. Gurdjieff went on to discuss seeking to do things both beneficial to ourselves as well as others, but he was a dreamer and believed in human evolution and our potential to be more and all that blue smoke rising to the moon…

    10. Mark Richard Prime (Reply) on Nov 15, 2012

      Anything reflecting your love will be seen to be in its proper place, yet it is the degree by which Love favors what we know, that signifies that the truth must never fall below that of our belief…

      • love (Reply) on Nov 17, 2012

        Very interesting perspective Mark, definitely thought provoking indeed. 😀

        Sooo very blissed that you chose to journey the adventure through our offerings and for your energy in responding and sharing your insightFull wisdom with us. _(l)_

        I am most curious to hear MORE of your perspective actually.
        What DO YOU refer to when saying “the degree by which Love favours what we know” by whose standards//barometer does love assess it’s ‘favour’?
        When stating that “truth must never fall below that of our belief”…..are you indicating that truth is a facet of our belief, in other words first comes belief then truth or the complete opposite, that truth is that which it is and should therefore be aligned with our beliefs?
        And finally if you could explain how if “anything reflecting our love is seen to be in its proper place” and yet subject to a “degree of how love favours it”….in other words how is something able to remain in what is termed its ‘proper place’ and yet not necessarily be in love’s favour as a result thereof?…. How are these mutually inclusive or supportive? 😀

        Interesting isn’t it, how different perceptual paradigms can infuse one with so many different thoughts, ideas, and understandings. ;D

        Blissings to YOU Angel }*{
        Thanks again for the inspiration, most greatly appreciated. <3