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Sign Up Today! – Fulfilled Destiny S3 is on Its Way

Hey Hey Hey, we’re very excited to say…….

Fulfilled Destiny is on its way!! Coming to YOU LIVE Globally

to empower, enlighten, & uplift ALL members of


to Live Life TRUE

& Fulfill YOUr Destiny!!

Sign up TODAY and BE among the FIRST to benefit from the AWESOMEness that is Fulfilled Destiny S3


We would never even contemplate such a malicious disrespectful and sooooo grosss act of sharing your Awesomeness, BEauty or private info.. at any time, with anyone in any way….whooYa Babay!

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    1. JeannettAntonie (Reply) on Jan 6, 2009

      bless all…love the world

    2. Jens Birkmose (Reply) on Jan 12, 2009


      Quantum physich says that everything in our univers vibrates. That means that nothing physical ore spiritual, philosophical thougts excist without a vibration.
      Universal Love is among the higest vibrations in the univers.
      and a lot of vibrations / human thoughts support this vibration. A lot of good values – I call them universal values – is nescessary for us so that universal love can be supported on mother Earth.

      Anger, fear etc. are vibrations thats low, and don’t support universal lov. My clue is that we only need one value in commen. UNIVERSAL LOVE

      If we decide values in connection to universal love, that lead to the higest value, it has no meaning wether you are christian, muslim, whatever, or you are black, white etc. If your goal is Universal Love, the road can be different for each one of us.

      If we are filled wit hate, intolerance, fear for each other etc. it is values/actions that can never serve universal love.

      Universal love & 2 x gratitude to you all out there

    3. love (Reply) on Jan 27, 2009

      Jeannette and Jens, thank YOU both so very much for blessing us YOUr Mind’s Musings of LOVE’s Light for the benefit of ALL of WE :O)
      We are most graced YOUr blessing and look forward to sharing in more positivity and inspiring LOVE from both of YOU as we journey the adventure that is LIFE!

      Blessedly BE
      YOUr Double Goddess of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary and Fulfilled Destiny-S3
      Roni and Aline

    4. Lorgio (Reply) on Jun 17, 2009

      I feel like I’m evolving at a high speed right now. I’m becoming more aware of myself and who I really am. In a way I always knew, but have been hesitating the responsibility of being an Angel. I’ve always had a big heart and helped people and animals. I still do, I can’t help it it’s who I am. It was not long ago that a person brought to my attention that I was Indigo. Through out the past several months (even though living a very busy 3D life) I’ve been realizing that I am what I think I am and I am what I want to be. I feel like I can do and accomplish any task. I know I can create my own reality and help others at the same time. I’ve been feeling so much love and energy, and my intuition is at a higher level. I finally decided to sign up to “Fulfilled Destiny” to get a better understanding and reassurance of my true purpose. Glad to be here and thank you for the invite Roni. Much peace, love, and light to all ∞ :)

      • love (Reply) on Jun 18, 2009

        Sweet Sweet Angel Lorgio, Welcome and Thank YOU soooo very much for sharing YOUr LOVE’s Light with ALL of WE! We are deeply honoured to have YOUr AWEsome energies amongst ours :)
        There is nothing to FEAR in BEing YOUr Truth……responsibility is really, as a dear friend once wrote, “response – ability” – it is YOUr ability to DO that which YOU CHOOSE……and the KNOWing and awareness thereof…..thus the ability to CHOOSE to respond, receive, perceive, and deliver as per YOUr TRUE BEingness.
        We are ALL Earth Angels……..some have simply forgotten, are unaware or too fearfull to assume the empowered BEingness of their TRUTH.
        As YOU DO, are YOU are, YOU shall BOTH FEEL the ability to accomplish any task, AND DO SO!!!
        We look forward to sharing in the transcending enLIGHTenment of YOUr BEingness!
        Blessedly BE
        ONE Universal Family
        Earth Angels Divine
        within the Embracing Light of
        PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
        One Fantabulous, AMazing, Adventurous, Party’in Journey :O)

        Radiate Soul Light/roni

    5. Radiate Love (Reply) on Jul 30, 2009

      If it weren’t for all of us, none of us would be here! © 1997 Inner Starlight™

    6. love (Reply) on Oct 5, 2009

      without ONE, there would BE, NONE

      LOVE IT!!!
      Thank YOU Thank YOU Radiate LOVE

    7. Seraphina Knows (Reply) on Jul 4, 2010

      Thank you for sharing the brilliance of the BEing that is YOU and blessing the world with your awesome energy. We are ALL in need of such a Light as the one you SHINE! LOVE that You ARE, LOVE that you DO! Love YOU!
      – Seraphina