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Negative Emotions and Mistakes

❤❤ With over 68 000 thoughts streaming through our minds each day, [70% repeated], the lines of communication with our consciousness [our unconscious, subconscious, conscious mind] can get clogged- KNOWing which thoughts are ‘TRUTH’, which are based in LOVE, which in fear, which are for our BEnefit and which to our detriment.

This is why negative emotions and mistakes occur….to allow us the opportunity to ‘unclog’ the lines of communication [to BEcome Aware] between SELF TRUE=LOVE & Mind.  Sooooo……don’t beat yOUR SELF up about them, don’t waste energy feeling guilty that they were, BE GrrrrreatFull for their experience, ‘cuz they ARE assisting YOU HEAL YOU! ❤❤

BLISSings sent forth unto ALL of WE to ‘unclog’ ALL of our ‘lines’ [etheric energy streams of consciousness] of communication to ALLOW ONLY the Light of our TRUTH, the Light of LOVE to stream through our BEingness and thus to BE radiating out from us to BE shared with ALL.

And, in this NOW, ALLOW me to sincerely, from the depths of my core essential BEingness and through out ALL that IS who I AM, apologize to any and ALL whom I may have ever radiated out anything other than our TRUTH, the Light of LOVE that IS ALL of WE, ALL that IS, ever was, or will BE.
Please KNOW, it IS my sincerest quest unto SELF to fulfill my very BLISSing unto ALL, aforementioned herein, in our eternal NOW, and my life’s purpose, my Personal Legend, to so assist ALL others so DO for the BEnefit of ALL of WE  :)

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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