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an Excellent Daily Mantra

An EXCELLENT Daily Mantra, I was sooo BLISSed to hear by a most LOVEly Earth Angel Divine indeed, Miss Lady G, whom among many others, inspired ME most endearingly ONE fabYOUlously blissFull weekend in July last year 😉

I AM most humbled the honour to ALL whom made possible the BEauty, LOVE, & Light that IS WE, in Purity, on this weekend.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Oh YES…the mantra…..hee hee hee


[my life IS fabYOUlous every day!]

Say this mantra every day, through out yOUR day, whenever YOU ARE so inspired and ALLOW for the words, to ruminate withIN yOUR Mind.

Allow yOUR SELF to INDULGE in FEELing these words as completely valid, totally REAL in yOUR Life right NOW.

Allow yOUR SELF to SEEK OUT where withIN yOUR Life, RIGHT NOW, these words ARE TRUE.

And then……then…….EXPAND these words, feelings, & state of BEingness through out yOUR Life, in ALL areas of yOUR life, including…….
…the ONEs YOU may deem otherwise right NOW.

Day by day, step by step, better and better, WE ALL DO get 😀

BLISSedly BE Sweet Angels, as YOU have soooooooo BLISSed ME, by Each of YOU CHOOSing to BE and sharing with me the Radiating Light of LOVE, YOU ARE!


Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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