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Heart Sourcing with Ram Giri


Today BEcome steady. Go deep.
The mind always seeks novelty;  it wants distractions, sensations, excitement. That is how its patterns stay the same.

True and lasting change comes from steady practice, not from always running after the latest and greatest. It comes from replacing distracting habits with centering ones. It comes from a curiosity about your higher potential. It comes with patience and steadiness.

And even while the mind seeks its distractions, in a place of a deeper truth, you may already know that seeking the Open Heart IS the greatest thing you can do – because the Heart is the Source of what you are truly seeking, what everyone is truly seeking.

When the Heart is open, the mind is clear and you are present withIN yourself.

When the Heart is open, you are fully alive.

When the Heart is open, you are independent and free, and able to give unconditionally, knowing that by such giving you become capable to receive more and more.

Remember, the Source is ALLways the Heart.

Here is the invitation to feel it again:

1. Bring your attention into the here and now (‘bring yourself to your senses’).
Feel your body, notice how the weight of your body presses down on your seat; notice your breath; listen to the sounds around you. Be present.

2. Direct your attention to the center of your chest. Become still. Notice the feeling that is there, the feeling that emanates from the Heart Cave. Feel it.

3. Drink from the well in the Heart. It means simply to feel it. As you drink, the well will run a little more strongly.

Ram Giri

4.    Perhaps you notice stressful sensations in the chest. The Heart Cave is always interior to any stress. Go deeper. Be still. Let it come to you. It is there. It is waiting for you.

5. If the mind carries you off into a stream of thoughts, say to the mind, “Not now” and return to HeartSourcing. (This will happen, so don’t get down on yourself; simply come back to the Heart)

6. Let the Heart Essence radiate throughout your whole being. Fill yourself. Become that radiance. Enjoy.

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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