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How to Receive Infinite Abundance

At the end of the day, whether motivated by FEAR or LOVE, when we CHOOSE to ACT, even if we are just pretending, LOVingly, we CREATE an experience of LOVE for others & SELF.

CHOOSing to BE LOVE out of FEAR however, tends to blind one to the enormous LOVE they are receiving back.

It IS difficult to see when ONE IS blinded by their FEAR, anything other than, well, their fear.

When we CHOOSE to ACT from a state of BEingness that IS LOVE TRUTHFully= gratitude, compassion, understanding, empathy, bliss, serenity, acceptance, unity, selflessness, wholearchy, heart, feeling.……, we are Open to see ALL the BEaYOUty that IS, hence Openly Receiving the Infinite Abundance awaiting our grasp.

Still……’tis better to ‘make pretend’, to ‘fake it’ until ya make it, until the fear within subsides, when that which YOU are making pretend and faking IS BEing LOVE!

DO SO in OPEN AWAREness, & thus shall YOU SEE the PROOF of Positivity, the PROOF of Reciprocity in CHOOSing to BE the LOVE that IS the TRUTH of ALL that IS, including WE.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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