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Throw it ALL away

Let’s shall we?

Let’s throw away all the books, guides, programs, packages, lectures, workshops, etc…. out of our minds and choose to focus on one thing and one thing only, BEING LOVE.
We have a plethora of tools and resources available to us to assist in finding and walking the pathway to BEing LOVE that we have forgotten the most resourceFull tool of ALL.

Our SELVes.

We ALL KNOW inherently when we are feeling happy or not, n’est ce pas?

I know, we all have insecurities, temptations, reasons, excuses for why we keep choosing to go back to the external resources instead of just making full use of our internal ones.

At the end of the day we all know it isn’t any external resources that are going to make the choices or take the actions required in our life to make the changes that we wish to see manifest/be experiencing. Nope.
The only ONE that’s gonna DO that, IS us.

We’ve read the books, guides, manuals, watched the videos, spoke with the gurus, attended the workshops, lectures, classes and NOW………

Now it’s time to ‘throw it all away” – not literally [unless ya wanna], – more ‘literally’ stated, time to set aside all these external resources and make the choice, the BIG CHOICE to simply, DO.

Yup, that’s right.
Time to actually start INTEGRATING the lessons into ACTUALIZED Physically Manifest BEingness.
From the thoughts we think to the feelings we have and how we associate and utilize these to consciously choose the actions we shall take.
Indeed ’tis time to let go of our fear based conditioning and CHOOSE LOVE.

Yes** I can, I can LOVE SELF, I can take care of me, I can BE LOVE*

**To assist in emBODYing, BEing the LOVE we are ALL seeking to BE, we are ALL intrinsically, no matter how Amazing or upside down your life may BE;
~Write out a list of all the ways you can think of to be more loving to self, to better care for yourself.
Remember this list is malleable, we are infinitely learning, the list changes as we change and evolves with us so leave room. 😀 [**leaving room can simply be a mental note to self to not be tied to the list you are writing, to be open to flow with the ascending ever evolving ways we shall be presented through which to love our selves even more completely. :D]

~CHOOSE ONE thing, 1 small thing you aren’t currently DOing or not doing as much as you would like to be, 1 small thing that YOU CAN DO to LOVE SELF, to treat SELF right, to take care of SELF, 1 small thing that YOU KNOW IS genuinely good for YOU and simply, DO IT*.
Even if you begin with simply doing preparation towards doing it, just ensure you are doing 1 MORE thing towards emBODYing SELF LOVE.

Repeat this daily, either reinforcing what YOU are DOing or better yet, adding something new each day.
Keep a journal or some sort of record of the things you are DOing to take care of yourSELF and if you are really inspired, how you feel when you are doing those things and what is going on in your life, what is life bringing to you?

Review your record weekly.

Upon your weekly review, choose 5 things you would like to do the following week.
Even if some of the 5 are repeats from the previous week.
If you’re feeling most inspired you can even select specific days to dedicate to each one of the 5 chosen.
If you are feeling less inspired or perhaps more focused, choose less things so you can really give them your elongated attention.
The point IS to DO something.
DO anything that IS in some way expressly LOVing SELF, BEing LOVE.
Listen, ya may not even have 5 somethings on your list to begin with.
Trust me, your list will change, grow, and evolve as you do. 😀
We are ALLways growing, there will ALLways BE something new, exciting and onederfull for us to experience to LOVE SELF even more. ~*❤*~
Also, ya wanna keep in mind sometimes a ‘something’ is an unseen something, like choosing different thoughts to think, when thoughts that are not helpful to us come through. DOing is not allways an athletic sporting event, n’est ce pas?
Also remember, DOing something IS BETTER than DOing nothing.

“1 minute in heaven is better than no minutes in heaven.”~The Flying Conchords

Let’s start giving ourselves [BEing] some Heaven on Earth shall we?

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

Just a little “by the way,…. did ya know…..”:  When we do things that make us feel good about ourselves we wind up DOing lots more things that as it turns out make us feel even better about ourselves and so on and so on and so on.  So when yar making those choices, start with the things that are most attractive to you, the things you like doing the most, the things you think are ‘easiest’ to do and DO them. 😀  Expand from a place of comfort, ease and joy instead of making it a fight against yourself until ‘the bitter end’…….

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