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[Video] Souls Talking Brain Show, Are Criminals BEings of LOVE’s Light?

Roni and Aline discuss a fundamental aspect of our species’ BEingness…..

We ALL have positive and negative aspects of SELF, and varying means of responding, {for some reacting} from these aspects, based largely upon that which we have seen are acceptable choices of so responding, behaving, BEing.

The question is, are those whom have chosen to respond in ways that are hurtful to others or SELF, solely response able for the choices they have made in so responding, and further more, are they different from the rest of us?

Is it possible that even the heinous criminals of our universal family are in fact beings of LOVE’s Light, are in fact ACTing from LOVE or a feeling of lack thereof?
IS it possible that everything that any of us ever DOes IS ALLways an ACT of LOVE?

Please DO share yOUR thoughts, insights and words of LOVE’s Wisdom in the “Comment” section BElow.

***Our Good Deed DOer of the Week IS: Glenn M. Smith

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