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[Video] Souls Talking Brain Show:  The Ultimate Question

On today’s show, our Double Goddess, Roni & Aline pose the question unto ALL of WE:

~”What is OUR PURPOSE for BEing?”
~”WHY are we here in physically manifest form?”

and delve into various held theories, interpretations, view points, & BEliefs, amongst the infinite that exist along with their ONEderFull Souls Talking Brain Angel Audience Community for whom Aline & Roni are extremely GRrrreatFull. _()_

~~This Week’s GOOD DEED DOer IS:
Mark LOVEtt of www.Global

enJOY the adventures as YOU journey through
on BEing LOVE

BLISSed by YOU and yOUR FABulous LOVing Involvement, Suport & BEingness!
_()_ Deeply felt bows of LOVE’s Gratitude to ALL
Radiating LOVE
yOUR Double Goddess
Roni & Alin
@radiate & @artwave

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