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YouthFull Vitality:  Staying Young, Aging Backwards

Soooo the other day I wrote about “BEing Young” or youthFull and we spoke about the FIRST and foremost matter of importance, our Perceptual Paradigm or state of Aware Consciousness--what thoughts and feelings about self we are entertaining, adopting, and thus incorporating into our physically manifest lives, which of course Creates our physically manifest lives. 😀
Go figure. 😀 hee hee hee

Indeed, thinking good thoughts and having good feelings are fabyoulous, however…….we do exist/are expressing ourselves through these Physical Vessels which require our TLC – tender loving care.

Hence our equally ‘next’ important aspect of maintaining our youthFull vitality and BEingness which IS Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices.

This incorporates ALL aspects of our lifestyle, from how we eat to how we play, from the work we do to the exercise and physical ACTivity we participate within to the people we call family, friends, community,…..ALL of it.

Obviously, the healthier the choices we make the healthier our lifestyle, the healthier our ability to make healthy choices that contribute to our youthfull vitality. Yup….it’s a circle, infinitely spiralling us into ever expanding states of health and bliss.*

To elucidate through an example….if you choose to smoke cigarettes daily, an unhealthy lifestyle choice, it will definitely hamper your lung capacity which will hamper your ability to participate in physical activiites for as long and as intense as otherwise you may be able to. This of course, ultimately affects our ability to make healthy lifestyle choices in the first place. As with anything our choices have a snowball effect upon our lives, exponentially affecting the rest of our life…..including of course, our youthFull vitality.

What we choose to eat, the ACTivities- from physical to mental to spiritual- we choose to pARTicipate within, the people we choose to surround ourselves with, the profession/career/work we choose to invest ourselves within, as with ALL things in life, when made from a conscious state of awareness makes ALL the difference in the world regarding our youthFull vitality.

Take this one step further and make conscious choices that ALLOW us to BE, identify/define ourselves with all things we associate with healthy youthFull vitality and bingo bango YOU are CHOOSing to BE YouthFull Vitality.

What DOes this mean?

We- ALL of us, are children…….the old, the young, the tall the short, the big, the small, ALL of us…….are children of our earth school, all of us, children to someONE, all of us have withIN us PlayFullness……….all of us have within us an ‘inner’ child that delights in the oneders of that which inspires us most.

The ‘trick’ is to ALLOW……..

ALLOW the ‘inner’ child [which is only inner ‘cuz we were told to ‘put’ that aspect of self inside so we can ‘grow up and be responsible’] OUT.

ALLOW that aspect of YOU that expresses yOUR delight, your inspiration, your childlike oneder, fascination, intrigue, excitement, gratitude, LOVE to shine through in all that you do……..even when being a ‘responsible grown up’…….
and YES*** YOU/we CAN Have it ALL……….

You/we CAN BE the responsible youthFully vital, energized, deLIGHTFull, dedicated, professional, playFull ‘grown up’.
And as the commercial says,


BlissFull balanced BEingness of playFull responsibility to ONE and ALL*
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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