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Numerology Chart Light Readings

Numerology is based upon the Ancient Art of Sacred Geometry, otherwise known as the quintessential aspects of WE, of ALL.
It’s quite amazing but TRUE!!
EVERYthing can be summed up using numbers!
They are GLOBAL representations of our TRUEst natures, whether looking at the cosmos’ planets, how they rotate, what they are comprised of, where they are located, to the lifecycle of plants upon our Earth School, to YOU and me.
EVERYthing can be summed up using numbers!

You have {most of us} two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose, two arms, 10 fingers, two feet and ten toes…. OUR DNA strands are comprised of 23 pairs of chromosomes, or 46 per cell, there is a specific homeostasis ratio for our white to red blood cell count, a planet’s specific chemical ratios make it what it is, our cells are comprised of positive and negative atoms, EVERYthing can be summed up using NUMBERS!

When YOU were born, numerically, the name you were given as YOUr Personal label which most of us carry with us, through out our lifetimes, have NUMERICAL SIGNIFIGANCE. They vibrate to a certain harmonized rhythm, which affects the WHOLE of YOU.

Numerology is one of the world’s most ancient forms of metaphysical communication and interpretation, with each number embodying values of special significance.
Numerology is the Science of Numbers, derived from the Latin word “Numerus” meaning “Numbers”, and the Greek word “Logo”, which means “Word, Thought and Expression”.

Though there are several forms of Numerology, the most ancient and reliable of all is the Chaldean, originally developed in Ancient Babylon. The Chaldean Numerological method assigns specific values to numbers based upon their SOUND vibration.
This is a VITAL aspect of the Chaldean method, as Sound, alike LIGHT, is, as are numbers, a quintessential expression of ALL.
ALL is ENERGY and ALL vibrates at a certain wavelength thus creating a specific vibrational tone or SOUN. Taking this into account, the Chaldean method is the most precise and accurate of all Numerological methods to precisely assess YOUr specific vibrational harmonies.
Through Numerology, you are able to identify your path here upon the Earth School, show your strengths, understand your challenges, personality, relationships, your inner emotional reactions to others and others to you, plus so much more, as each Numerological reading or Fulfilled Destiny Chart Light is based upon YOUr PERSONAL UNIQUE information.

Using Numerology to understand the specific vibration of YOU, provides insight into the greatest depth of YOUr BEingness and thus assists YOU to live a more successful and meaningFull life, as you FULFILL YOUr Destiny!

What numbers are YOU vibrating through YOUr BEingness, and how can you best make use of YOUr number’s vibrations to bring about the success and Fulfill the Destiny of YOUr CHOOSING???

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