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Kiboshing Cravings

They come unannounced and demand our attention.

Whatever you find yourself craving for, if it’s something you KNOW is NOT good for you…..if it’s a craving you KNOW you Will Regret after the fact……


ALL Cravings are simply a focal point withIN the Mind.

When the ‘bad’ craving ‘hits’, find something, ANYthing to DO that IS different than what you are doing when the craving hits, to occupy your mind for at least 10 minutes.

If the craving persists, ponder upon and CHOOSE HEALTHY Alternatives to it. (and NO, saying ‘this is the last time’ is NOT a healthy alternative)

It’s a great idea to kibosh any ‘bad’ cravings by ensuring you have healthy ‘finger foods’ available and prepared to eat at all times, such as;

* washed and cut up veggies,
* fruits,
* nuts and seeds,
* whole grain crackers,
* cereals,
* mixed salads cooked or raw which if come with dressing come with a healthy dressing such as olive oil or sunflower oil versus canola or heavy cream dressings
* mediterrean dips such as humous and tabouli

To your healthy eating and waist lines* 😉

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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