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Aline Ohannessian, Our Shamaness artiste, “Wise Moon”

Aline Ohannessian

Astrological Ontologist
Intuit Guide
Musical & Visionary Artist of Truth

Aline began her esoteric journey at the young age of three, barely able to walk, let alone read,…. (try to tell that to her)……Aline’s nightly teddy bears were her Sacred books, with whom she spent every evening.

These books, from her father’s library, were books of Astrology, Spirituality, Healing, and Transcendence.
Akin to the adage, anyone who even looks upon the Kabbalah will undoubtedly benefit from it’s scripture, it would appear that our little Alina, devoured the positive healing energies found within the pages of these, her Sacred books.

A child of war torn lands, Aline was thankfully blessed with a nurturing, consciously Aware family, whom wonderfully, you shall shortly meet.

Aline’s parents, given the choice, ensured their daughter’s attention was lovingly supported and intelligently fostered into these, her Innate abilities.
Expressions of Wisdom, she has since honed to an Art.

Please view our ArtWave Design’s “Blossoming Soul’s Art” section, for your own personal experience of Aline’s Artistry in expression, which may we add, is all that you have been enjoying through out your experience Herein. Aline designed ALL graphic elements you see within this web site.
We know, she’s Amazing, and WE, are TRULY Blessed her experience!!!

As a child of MIND, Aline spent much of her youth thinking of the world around her, and her meaning within it.
Supported by the foundation of her special “Sacred Books”, Aline set out upon her lifetime journey to learn the TRUTH of her BEing.
It turns out, of all the influences from which Aline drew her earthly knowledge, the Science of Astrology spoke most purely to the truth of her Personal Legend.
Aline has been providing loving intuitive, Astrological guidance to all those seeking, ever since, and has never looked back.

A transcended BEing of Light, Aline is able to offer the loving professional guidance she does because of her years practicing, and is able to add something only one of her BEing could, for Aline brings forth to ALL, her own personal experiences of Aware Transcendence.

With the blessed Wisdom of our Cosmic Language, Aline provides Guidance for Any question You may have, regarding ANY aspect of Your Life. Aline provides guidance based upon Planetary Energies, YOU are greatest affected, thus, highlighting YOUr innate strengths, Divine Gifts and Lessons, as specific to YOUr Own Harmonised Melody. These insights serve to Empower Your pathway to Truth, the result, Freedom, Serenity, Soul Awareness, Enlightenment Actualised, & ALL, lovingly provided through the Gift of SELF Love.

For Aline as with all members of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s Soul Family, life IS Happiness, as lived within the dimension of Love, through the perceptual realm of Soul.

It shall come as no surprise we are assured, to discover the instantaneous Soul Partner Roni Lipstein remembered, upon reuniting with her Starry Soul Sister, her Twin Moon Goddess of Love & Light, Aline.
Theirs, is a partnership founded through out centuries of Wizening experiences, such that their combined centuries of Transcendence, ensured their swift reunion in this, our Current Physical manifestation.
Okay it took 34 years, but hey, who’s counting??
What is time anyways, huh???

And what was it, that made possible for these two Angels their realization?
Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary of course!!!
It was through She, whom Aline and Roni realized their mutually independent life long dream, a shared dream they could NOW, realize TOGETHER!!!

Aline has since joined Roni & Soul’s as did Roni, ArtWave Design & Aline, {2004} and together again, they have devoted Entire SELF to their blossoming – Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, our blessed expression of Shekinah in all of her radiant luminance.

Blessed Light,
Aline }8{