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Quotes of Inspiration from RSL ***~❤~***

~*❤*~ We are moving towards manifesting our TRUTH as BEings of LOVE’s Light, as the blissfully serene, consciously AWARE, objective TRUTH of our Light BEingness of LOVE.

~*❤*~ Allow this to BEcome your Daily Mantra and watch as life blossoms in LOVE :
“ALL that happens in my life, ALL, IS for MY HIGHest HAPPYness”

~*❤*~ It can take a seeming eternity to manifest one’s dreams…..but they won’t manifest at all, if ya give up on them…stay focused and dedicated.

~*❤*~ Our “higher~true~soul~energy~quintessential~authentic” SELF is not an emotional BEing, we are blissfully serene consciousness, an objective awareness of unconditional Agape ‘LOVE’.

~*❤*~When we “Assume the Positive” we ALLOW SELF to Remain Calm and thus treat others and SELF with LOVing, Compassionate, Caring Respect & Gentility. :)

~*❤*~ Our “EGO” IS intended to BE an OPEN conduit for the physical manifestation for our TRUE SELF~~for our unconditioned, unaffected, accepting, embracing SELF of LOVE.
When we ALLOW “ego” to BE the Blessed Gift of Miraculous Magical LOVE it IS, our conduit of LOVE,  the magic manifesting from the unseen to the seen, the metaphysical to the physical, ALL will KNOW the ecstasy life TRUEly IS.

~*❤*~  When we use a ‘negative’ experience to learn and expand SELF in the Light of LOVE we transform the negative into a positive.  We ALL have this POWER!

~*❤*~ When we hear someone say, “see others as you would a child“, it IS NOT to say that YOU should demean or disrespect, quite the opposite in fact….it IS statement to BE ALL LOVE.

~*❤*~ When anger, agitation, aggravation, stress, strain, anxiety, FEAR of ANY kind surfaces, REFOCUS yOUR attention on yOUR Breath, listening intently as YOU inhale and exhale whilst paying attention to the breath as it moves through out yOUR entire BEingness.  If needed, a release through tears~a good cry can BE very lightening.

~*❤*~ When we “go with the flow” DO what we are drawn to DO and respond instead of REACT, we ALLOW for our HIGHest HAPPYness to come to us and thus for us to openly receive.

~*❤*~ BEing TRUE to SELF can seem to BE the exact opposite of what we should DO in a world of such vast conditioning….BE TRUE to YOU anyways!

~*❤*~ One can NOT “walk the walk” if they are NOT accepting the fabYOUlously ONEderFull BEingness of their Miraculous Gift of Life.

~*❤*~ Positive Affirmation: I AM Openly Receiving the reverberations of ALL the LOVE, Positive, Uplifting Energy I have put forth into our Universe.

~*❤*~ LOVE LOVE LOVE filled Energy swirling around YOU exponentially, manifesting yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness in experiential Bliss, ALLways. :)

Radiating LOVE,

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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