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Creatures of Habit, Part 1

Part One:

Life is a mélange of habits…….WE ARE a mélange of Habits………
NOT Completely, please don’t take my TRUTHFull statement as one of WHOLE-istic Isolation and Separation. We ARE MANY things, and NO thing, ALL at the same time. Pretty Cool, actually.

Habitual BEhaviour is practiced by 99.99999% of ALL of WE, including animals, vegetation, ALL…..

We wake up, we go to sleep, we eat, we drink, and ALL for the most part in the same way, every day.

I know, I know, “we have to” eat, drink, sleep to survive~ as far as we have allowed ourSELVes to KNOW~ still, we keep DOing these, every day, habitually, DO we not?

Okay let’s move away from that which is a current collective perception of our “Basic Necessities” and look more towards those things we can ALL agree are habits, healthy or otherwise…..

Most of us wake up each day and have our own little “wake –up ritual” –HABIT.

Most of us have a ‘hygiene routine’: cleaning our bodies, either in showers or baths, brushing our teeth and hair, etc….and we DO this in a routinely similar manner each time we DO…….HABIT

Most of us partake within habitual physical activities, activities that speak to our “Lifestyle”. Activities like:

exercising regularly, writing, painting, playing an instrument, video game, eating certain foods, having a glass of cognac nightly, smoking a cigar/cigarettes, driving to and from work, eating dinner with family, twirling our hair, biting our nails, picking our nose, playing with our animals, saying hi to everyone we meet, dancing in the street ☺

ummmmmmmmm, we get the idea, yes????

"The Enigma of Balance", by Vivi-Mari

"The Enigma of Balance", by Vivi-Mari

YES… our current means of living here upon our Earth School, there are certain things we “need to DO” to survive. We need for instance, money… denying that. Yes, you HAVE TO “work”, or more aptly put, CONTRIBUTE to and for the BEnefit of ALL. hmmmmmmmm DOes not exactly conjure the same definition now, do they?

Work : Contribute
Contribute : Work……..


HOW YOU define “work” is UP TO YOU…….YOU do not have to keep thinking about “work” the way YOU have BEen, even if “have BEen” is ALLways…..there is ALLways another way from which to perceive!!!

What if…………..our reason for BEing is for ALL of We to contribute and SHARE our Unique Gift{s} with and for the BEnefit of ALL?

Hmmmmmmmmm, an alternate perspective on the PURPOSE of Life, the very MEANING of Life…….at least in accord to that which we are taught in our current global societal systems, n’est ce pas?

What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the Meaning of Life?

How ‘bout we TRY, just TRY this one on for size……..

Just take a moment to let YOUr SELF surrender completely to the words to follow herein and whilst YOU DO, Pay Attention and BE Aware to how they resonate with YOU~ what thoughts DO they conjure, what FEELings are YOU experiencing?

Pay Attention and BE Aware~ allow the words to wash over YOUr entire BEingness, until YOU have BEen consumed by them as TRUTH~ if only………for a moment.

WE ARE HERE, upon this BEautiFull, Majestic Earth School of ours………….

~to share the GIFTS of our BEingness, the Miraculous, physically expressed, Unique, BEautiFull reflection of that which IS the WHOLE of WE.

EACH of WE is a Unique Miracle of LIFE.

Remember ALL that YOU ARE, started off as NO MORE than TWO CELLS and grew within the body of another.

TWO BEings in ONE~ We aRe ONE

TWO BEings in ONE~ We aRe ONE

At one POINT in OUR BEingness, we were TWO Bodies, TWO Individuals contained within ONE BEing!


Ponder upon this!


And NOW…………………………..,
think about our Earth School, ALL of WE, the Universe, the Macro Cosmos and the Micro Cosmos……

Think about how we are all infinitely connected, think about our similarities, those things that tie us to one another.

For example, we are ALL here, we are ALL breathing the same air, we are ALL within the same galaxy, we are ALL energy, we ARE.  As humans we ALL have the same biological/skeletal/chemical/organic make up – inside and out….we’ve ALL got what each other has, and NOW, YOU continue…….

Amazing isn’t it, how many things we can think of that we have in common, that we share, that connect us as oppose to separate us, from one another, and at the most intrinsic, quintessential levels of BEingness, at that?

NOW……………………………………,allow YOUr SELF to embrace the following statements…………

”WE ARE ALL ONE”………”within ONE IS reflected ALL”……….

Allow these statements to resonate through out YOUr BEing, take YOUr time with them……’s okay if it feels rigid, edgy, even difficult, at first, just relax, and allow the statements to flow through YOU.  Step back within YOUr mind, from the chatter, denials, contradictions, objections, and just allow these statements to BE.  Inhale slowly, silently saying, “We are ALL One” and exhale slowly, silently saying, “within ONE is reflected ALL”.  PRETEND they are TRUE, if YOU KNOW not of their TRUTH, and notice how this experience is making you feel and what thoughts are stimulated as YOU DO.

”WE ARE ALL ONE”………”within ONE IS reflected ALL”……….

And NOW, Remember HOW YOU came to BE…….

~ponder upon the two little cells that once YOU were, the body within which YOU grew and shared with another BEing of LOVE’s Light……….BE Aware….


EACH of WE has something SPECIAL to share with ALL……. in “just” BEing.

One reflection of what it is to BE

One reflection of what it is to BE

As ONE reflection of the WHOLE, we each offer a different view, a new reflection, an alternate perspective from which to SEE our SELVes, from which to LOVE our SELVes, KNOWing each individual SELF is a Unique reflection of ALL.

There is NO ONE ELSE upon this entire Earth School, who will DO anything EXACTLY the way YOU DO, whom will think about, experience, feel, perceive, receive and respond to anything EXACTLY as YOU DO. That is YOUr Gift, to and for the BEnefit of ALL of WE, BEing YOU.

Ponder this.

Embrace this.

Embrace YOU.

What feeling do WE ALL prefer to BE Consumed by, to Completely Surrender SELF to?

What feeling makes us FEEL as HIGH, Light, and Fantabulous, as a feather flying upon the winds of a blue sky, or moonbeams dancing upon the stars, awestruck to our eye.

What feeling are we experiencing when we are DOing that which is of our TRUEst expression, giving SELF permission to express our NATURAL tendencies?

LOVE…….n’est ce pas?

Yes, ‘tis TRUE, “LOVE” is but a word……however, I think we can ALL agree, that the feeling



conjured when expressing our Natural tendencies, as when we feel BEST about “BEing ME”, the feeling we feel when of the highest elation is one we can ALL relate with and for ease herein, agree to call “LOVE”.

It is that which we ALL Collectively agree that we enJOY WHOLE HEARTedly, that we garner the greatest pleasure, happiness, ecstasy & inspiration from. Whether it’s the LOVE expressed for people, intimate or casual, LOVE of things & places, momentarily or sustaining, LOVE of our thoughts, BEhaviours, feelings, or just LOVE ~in and of itSELF……..of OUR SELF!


We are here to LOVE SELF.

We are ALL ONE.

We are ALL here to show another aspect of OUR BEauty to one another!!

~~~~~~~Let us Ponder this for a moment, shall we~~~~~~~~


Inhale: Big Deep Breath of LOVE, Cleansing, Energizing, Healing
Exhale: Big Deep Breath of LOVE, Unity, Trust, Openness, Infinite Abundance


Allow me to repeat that…..

When we CHOOSE to Perceive our lives from an alternate perspective, EVERYTHING CHANGES……….everything takes on new meaning, has new meaning to and for us, and WE CHANGE in how we respond, as a result.

We CREATE Positive HABITS………
and this, “WORK”, is BUT ONE example, albeit one HUGE example of our WHOLE-istic BEingness.

Ya see, as devasting as it was for me to learn that we are {for the most part} an expression of the sum of our habits, {yes! yes! my inflated egoic vision of WE, what can I say, I tend to focus upon our divinity ☺ }, in so learning, I was ALSO gifted the realization that……….

Habits are EASY TO CREATE!!!!

~stay tuned for “Creatures of Habit: Part 2″~

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels, Each & Every ONE of WE

In Lak’ech

Radiate Soul Light


Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

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