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Creatures of Habit, Part 2

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Part 2:

Ya see, as devastating as it was for me to learn that we are [for the most part} an expression of the sum of our habits, {yes! yes! my inflated egoic vision of WE, what can I say, I tend to focus upon our divinity ☺ }, in so learning, I was ALSO gifted the realization that……….

Habits are EASY TO CREATE!!!!

That means, that ALL the things about our SELVes we don’t necessarily “like”, anytime we feel we are NOT BEing LOVing of SELF TRUEly and DOing what is Best for us, we can EASILY CHANGE, by CHOOSing to!


That was like…….. “MAJOR SIGH”!!!

I mean MAJOR!!!

Did I hear someone say “MAJOR”????

YES!!! MAJOR it was!

We can change the things about ourselves that we don’t like……we can BE the person we want our selves to BE and all we gotta DO is change our habits!!!

SHUT UP!!!!!



I can BE “ALL THAT” by changing my habits??!!! That’s it????

CHOOSing to THINK and FEEL differently about things?

CHOOSing to approach things, LIFE from a different mind perspective?? Perhaps go even further, and BE OPEN to ALTERNATE Perspectives and CHOOSE the ONEs that really resonate with ME, that really FEEL GOOD, FEEL RIGHT for ME!

Just look at ALL we have CHOSEn ALLready…..
Someone wants to build their home on MY land. “Excuse ME??!! Hello! I don’t think so…..” I pick up a gun and shoot them in the knees………


Instead of building another nuclear weapon of FEAR, I CHOOSE to SHARE, I CHOOSE to SEE this BEing is just another ME.

Ahhhhhhhh Ya see where I’m going here NOW, don’t ya…..

YOU remember……
“WE ARE ALL ONE”………”within ONE IS reflected ALL”……….

This individual, this BEing, is HERE with ME, as a GIFT from ME, to ME, for They are ME, I am them and WE are ONE with ALL, and thus if they are within my physical experience it IS BEcause they have a GIFT to share with ME and I, with them.


What a way to CHOOSE to Perceive………..and Imagine………ALL it is, is a CHOICE of Perception……a CHOICE in how we CHOOSE to think about, feel about and thus BEhaviour towards………………..ANYTHING!

Our thoughts and feelings shape our actions, and our repeated ACTions BEcome our habits, they impact upon/within the world, the cosmos, the ALL.


I KNOW, there are things we “still have to do”…..I’m NOT taking away from any of that….and I’m NOT saying it ALL happens at once, in an instantaneous moment of realization.

New Habits in 21 Days

New Habits in 21 Days

We did NOT form the habits we did over night, they each took up to 21 DAYS on average, to secure their spot within the scope of our attention, and we’ve formed MANY MANY Habits upon many many different levels/frequencies/vibrations of our perceptual BEingness, and they have had a helluva lot longer than 21 days to ferment themSELVes into our “Habitual BEingness”.

We have habitual ways of thinking, seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, touching, BEing….and for each of these, a habitual expression within/upon our many many layers/dimensions of consciousness, through which we experience life, and not, I might add, ALLways ‘awaringly’ so. {YES! another new word, Mom! ☺}.

OF course, that’s not to say we don’t have the ability to IMMEDIATELY transcend perceptual dimensions, {‘cuz hahney, we CAN DO ANYthing!!!} however, in THIS NOW, let us, within our current dimensional level of consciousness focus on how we may move our SELVes closer thereto.

We start by starting.

We BEgin with the FIRST STEP, and we take baby steps along our way, until we are able to let go completely of habits that no longer serve us, and simply walk naturally, within our newly formed CHOSEn habits of LOVE’s Light.

It is in taking baby steps that we BEing moving with the natural ebb and flow of our CHOSEn BEingness. It is through Baby Steps, walking each day, through out our day, in awareness, that we expand consciously, grow WHOLE-istically into our enLIGHTened experience of BEing.

Start with Baby Steps

Start with Baby Steps

We start with SELF, outside of our labels, associations, obligations, response-abilities, and go straight to the core of our BEing, as a BEing, a physical manifestation of energy, as a reflection of ALL.

We start by asking questions, ASKing SELF, “Who am I?”

Why am I sooooooooo Special? How DOes my Specialness shine through? How DO I BEST enJOY shining my Specialness?

Who am I, when I AM LOVing ME?
How DO I act, when I AM LOVing ME?
What DO I think and feel when I AM LOVing ME?
Where is my focus, attention, energy directed when I AM LOVing ME?

We BEgin step ONE, asking SELF, “Where/How/When/Why AM I LOVE?”

And then………….

We BEgin, step by step, day by day, minute by minute, expanding more and more of SELF into BEing “Where/How/When/Why I AM LOVE”.

Every moment, we ask of our SELVes, only that we are an insy, tinsy bit BETTER than we were the moment earlier.

little by little, day by day, an insy tinsy bit BETTER

little by little, day by day, an insy tinsy bit BETTER

“Better” in so much as LOVing SELF more FULLy, WHOLLY, and Completely.

“Better” in letting go of our fears, negative habits, stresses, worries, anxieties, and illusions.

“Better” at moving more within the flow of our natural BEingness, allowing our SELVes to express and experience that which we are naturally.

“Better” at giving SELF permission to BE the expression of our natural tendencies, to flow towards, within, through that which we are naturally attracted to.

“Better” at Paying Attention and BEing Aware, so much so, that “Paying Attention and BEing Aware” BEcome as HABITUAL, as driving a car, riding our bicycle or YES, even BREATHing ☺


Listening to our thoughts.

Pay Attention, BE Aware, LOVE SELF.

Asking our SELF, “Why DO I FEEL this way, Think that way, about this xyzabc?”
Don’t just assume YOUr first thoughts or feelings are right………..they may just BE a conditioned {as in brainwashed/entrained by another} response of habit and NOT necessarily one that YOU have CHOSEn. Make sure what YOU are thinking and feeling is actually what YOU have CHOSEn to think and feel….. this is the POWER of YOUr Free Will…………

CREATure of Habit

CREATure of Habit


We DO this by ASKing our SELVes MORE questions instead of just mindlessly allowing our SELVes to react……..we think first, pay attention to how we are FEELing both mentally and sensationally, and then Respond~ if we respond at all.

As we step into our “flow”, we listen to SELF, we honour SELF, thus for example, when you are feeling like drawing, don’t just feel it, go with it, DO it…..when feeling like dreaming…….DREAM!! When feeling like reading, dancing, bathing, whatever, DO what YOU are able to so DO. Obviously, ya may FEEL like flying off a cliff…….not a good idea unless yar jumping into safe waters BElow or have some sort of air gliding device, n’est ce pas?

I’m NOT saying for example, that YOU should follow your flow right out of an executive meeting with the entire department, to go sit in the park and have a picnic…………..YET!

What I am saying though, is to BEgin to take the baby steps, in the areas where it is easiest first…….our personal lifestyle habits for example; eating healthier, exercising, laughing, playing, enJOYing the NOW YOU find YOUr SELF within, sharing the GIFT that is YOU, trusting in that which YOU KNOW to BE TRUE: I AM another YOU……..we ARE ALL ENERGY…..we ARE ALL Earthlings…we ARE ALL Humans……we ARE ALL, We ARE a lot of things – much bigger, grander, more important things than those we are not, n’est ce pas?

As we BEgin to DO that which we can in this NOW, we build our next NOW upon this energy, upon this flow of LOVE, this ACTion oriented focus of Happiness, enJOYment, & fulfillment within/for/through SELF. We thus ATTRACT to us energy that supports these vibrations, much more readily than energy that DOes not.

We wind up taking care of our “grander desires” BY taking care of our MOST BASIC COLLECTIVELY SHARED Desire~ LOVing SELF, BEing LOVE, Radiating SELF LOVE.

Amazing, but TRUE!



All we gotta DO is LOVE SELF and we HEAL the WORLD!


Habits are formed through repetition.

When we are paying more attention to those things within our SELVes that we LOVE about our SELVes, we are focusing our thoughts there upon.

When our minds are focused upon thoughts of LOVE about SELF, we are stimulating FEELings that are SELF LOVing.

When we are thinking and feeling loving towards SELF, we are motivated to ACT in LOVing ways that support and BEnefit SELF.

Our ACTions then reinforce our thoughts and feelings, which reinforce our ACTions and BEfore long, {approx. 21 days in fact} a Habit is formed!

A Habit within which we see how WORTHY and DESERVing we are of going that little extra step, trying just one more time, facing that AWEsome fear that keeps getting in our way, and providing every possible opportunity to achieve and manifest ALL of our Desired Intentions.

And the good times keep getting better and better………
A Habit of SELF LOVE not only stimulates, motivates and inspires SELF into ACTion, it DOes so for others outside of SELF as well. It’s like YOU BEcome YOUr very own personal magnet of magnificence to & for ALL.

Here’s how it works.

Recap First:

YOU start by seeing SELF through eyes of LOVE, seeking the LOVingness within SELF, stimulating thoughts and feeling about SELF that are LOVing.

This eventually BEcomes a Habitual State of BEingness.

Okay NOW:

In this habitual state of BEing LOVE, YOU start to seek out the LOVE within others, and fantabulously enough, FIND IT!

More over, YOU start to attract like energy from others. YOUr habitual BEingness stimulates within others the LOVE YOU are seeking, feeling and thinking about within SELF.

Kind of like when one person laughs and everyone starts to laugh with them, or one person yawns and everyone starts yawning……

We BEgin to see things within our lives that are LOVE, which we LOVE, and we express automatic gratitude, without thought required!

Attitude of Gratitude babay, it’s the BEST Way to reinforce our Positive habitual living.

WonderFully, it is inherent within us!

When we pay attention and are aware of something we feel LOVE for, we ADMIRE the BEauty within it/them/her/him/they/that. In this simple ACT of noticing the BEauty, we are automatically in a state of BEing GreatFull and Appreciative!!!

Gratitude is Inherent

Gratitude is Inherent

The ACT of noticing something/one we LOVE, we find BEautiFull is in and of itSELF an ACT/expression of Gratitude.

How COOL are we????


AWEsomeness, I must say!

The more BEauty and LOVE we SEEK within/through SELF, in the world, in our experience of the world, and all that exists within our experience of our world, the more shall shine through, revealing the LOVE that is and has ALLways BEen, ALL.
Blessedly BE
Earth Angels Divine,
ONE Universal Family,
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
One Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’n Journey :)
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

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