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Fulfill YOUr Destiny Part II

We ALL have Mind Conversations, our thoughts of which we have approximately 64 000 daily, are our conversations with SELF….from “what should I do today?” to “why do I exist?” We ask questions and seek for the answers, all within SELF.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to objectively regard and review our personal conditioning and socializing experiences, that we may ascertain that which exists within our SELVes naturally. For example, there are some whom, are Naturally attracted to Music. From the earliest age, they are moved and greatly affected by the rhythmic vibrations of music-regardless of the attractions or detractions of those in their surround. Like an infant having a difficult time falling asleep, some are soothed by the soft touch of their blankie or pacifier, whilst others, the soft melodies of their parent’s voice. It simply is a Natural aspect of their BEingness.

To KNOW which “voices” are of our own, and those of others, we must pay attention to how the words make us FEEL.
FIRST and foremost, ANY words within our Mind’s Conversations that make us feel “less than”, or “not good enough” are NOT of our own natural BEingness.
It is important to note here, that NO ONE came to this Earth School to be unhappy. No one came here to feel depressed levels of happiness or anger, unworthiness or meaninglessness.
We ALL have a purpose for BEing.
And…..we are ALL BEings of LOVE’s Light.

We are NOT humans having a “spiritual experience” .
We ARE Spiritual BEings, BEings of Energy, of LIGHT, manifest within physical form.
Our bodies do NOT house our souls, our Souls house our bodies, they allow for their manifestation.
More over, our bodies are but a FRACTION of our overall BEingness. We are ONE with ALL that is.
We are INFINITE in our BEingness, our reach, our vibrational harmony.

Our bodies are merely a projection of the most densely packed energy vibration of our WHOLEness.



Another KEY IMPORTANT TRUTH we MUST remember and keep in mind through out, is that those “voices” that are not of our own, naturally, for example, voices of our parent’s, friend’s, teacher’s, are not necessarily THEIR voices, naturally either!
Remember, we have ALL BEen subject to the conditioning of another, thus, my mom for example, whose voice I often heard telling me “it is important to ensure you are “self sufficient” BEfore you meet and marry any man”, heard the same words told to her, by her mother, whom was a self sufficient woman of the 20’s.

What is of the GREATest IMPORT here is to recognize that no matter how wacky things our caretakers, guidance providers, friends, associates, PEOPLE in general, have told us, we MUST REMEMBER that they too have BEen told things, things that are not necessarily of their TRUTH, however, so very conditioned into their BEingness, that they are unawares thereto.
Thus, we can NOT place blame, we can NOT reflect upon our parent’s for example, whom may have told us that we are “worthless without money”, “clueless without an education”, or “hopeless without beauty”. We MUST look upon our “conditioners” with LOVE, with understanding and compassion, for they are just as much a “victim” {ooooohhhh I don’t like that word….hmmmmmmm, let’s change that to……} an unawakened “product” of their own upbringing, environment, & cultural society.
None of WE are “victims” for ALL of WE have the ability to question, to seek answers, and to KNOW TRUTH.

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Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels the Unique Fantabulous Expressions of each of WE, reflections of our many possibile manifesations of LOVE’s Light to/for/through/with ONE another :)


Radiate Soul Light/roni

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