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Guided Meditation: Let the Mind Drop Into the Heart  [Video]

A beautiful guided meditation with music by Neil Steven Cohen. A gentle suggestion and navigation for bringing your awareness back to the “Posture of Enlightenment”…breath, mind and body at ease.

Neil Steven Cohen, through his personal life experience, and working professionally with individuals and groups, has been developing the work of Psychospiritual Integrative Awakening for almost 30 years. The facilitation he offers to support people on the Path of Awakening is a revolutionary and creative synthesis of Buddhist Dharma, Hindu Advaita (nondual) teachings, body-centered and somatic psychology, Jungian psychology, the Esoteric Psychology of Soul Integration, mutual heart presence, and the power of direct personal experience.

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    2. Anna Houck (Reply) on Sep 17, 2010

      Thanks for the post! Which meditation is for mind and body becoming as one?