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Hormonal Shifts, Mood Swings and Cravings; gett’n them under control!

How can we keep our fit and trim figures and serene minds in the face of the dreaded…..Hormonal Cycles of life? (what we call PMS for Women and general ‘moodiness’ for men….YES Boyzzzzz we KNOW****)

Healthy Living including how we are thinking – what thoughts we are giving attention to- as well as the ACTivities we are pARTicipating within and the food we are ingesting are all most DEFINITELY affected by the NATURAL Rhythms of our physical vessel’s Hormonal Fluctuations. Yup, all of them. Our thoughts, our emotions, our vitality, our appetite, our attractions and repulsions, our very state of simply BEing IS most intrinsically interconnected to, and affected by the naturally occurring hormonal shifts in our physical vessels.

Soooo what can we do, especially when those fluctuations are increasing our appetites and our waiste lines? How do we deal with something that is occurring on a level of expressed beingness- molecular- that we can’t see, that happens whether we want it to or not?
‘Cuz let’s face it, as many of we KNOW, when those cravings hit, they can BE fierce!!  And let’s not even get started on the potential highs and lows of our emotional stability!!!

Well….as with any “BAD HABIT” we take it Moment to Moment.

For the ladies we generally have 2 ‘hot spots’ a month, “ovulation” and “pms”, and each one usually lasts anywhere from 1 – 4 days. For the gentlemen, if you don’t know when your ‘hot spots’ are, may I recommend taking a couple of months to actively and consciously track your moods, cravings, vitality, and overall sense of well being. May I suggest using a calendar [store bought or make shift] that has enough room given to each day to write a brief summary of how you are doing and put it up on the wall somewhere you can see it every day, and easily write on it, and then of course, DO!
Then, after tracking for a couple of months, see if there are any patterns emerging. Don’t go in with expectations either. Your patterns may be on a weekly basis, monthly basis, bi-weekly, even daily basis. Pay Attention, Be Aware, Track and Analzye, Reflect and Respond accordingly. 😉

Once you have figured out your own hormonal cycle as with the woman, on those ‘special days’……

BE that much More AWARE.….that much more CONSCIOUS of yourself and of that which you are allowing into your experience. Be MindFull of your ACTivities. Do what you can to ‘set the stage’ to assist yourself that much more than you normally would be//should be doing already. Of course, and I know this goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyways…….ya gotsta know when those ‘special days’ are in the first place, so make sure you are consciously aware of your rhythmic cycles to begin with. 😉

For those times when the cravings are really tough [men or women]
~ensure you have HEALTHY ALTERNATIVEs available; pre-cut veggies, pre-wash fruits, pre-cook easy to go yummy delicious healthy meals, make plans to go out for dinner with friends to healthy restaurants,
~before reaching for the ‘junk’, fill yourself up on more healthy foods from the get go…..

CHOOSE to pARTicipate in activities that are CALMing and Relaxing in the first place; Conscious Breathing, Physical Exercise, Listening to soothing Music, Reading, Writing, Meditative ACTivities- even a nice warm bubble bath- more so on these days, but in truth, incorporating such activities into our ‘regular routine’ are extremely assisting to our overall experience on these ‘special days’.

And remember……..“This too shall pass”.…it’s only a few days….soooo if you can make it through these few, YOU are gonna BE in “smooth clear sailing” there after. 😀

P.S. For those with more ‘severe’ responses, may I suggest getting a screening done – blood test- to assess your vitamin, mineral, hormonal levels, as well as your thyroid functioning, amongst others. This can assist you in choosing specific foods, as well as supplements which may provide for that which your body may be missing or are below healthy levels and vital to your overall homeostasis.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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