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Lifting SELF up instead of putting SELF down

Ya KNOW how YOU are ALLways there to lift the spirits of yOUR friends & family, tell’em how fabYOUlous they are and that everything is gonna work out and BE OK?

When was the last time YOU lifted yOUR OWN SPIRITS???

When was the last time YOU told yOUR SELF how fabYOUlous YOU ARE, how great YOU ARE DOing, how EVERYthing is gonna work out amazingly for YOU?

Ya KNOW how ya analyzed yar Best Friends WHOLE LIFE the other day, went through the in’s and out’s of their entire BEingness….really took an in depth look at their life, OBJECTIVELY, through LOVE’s Eyes?

When was the last time ya looked at yOUR life objectively, analyzing it thoroughly through LOVE’s Eyes???

How ’bout RIGHT NOW!

List ALL the ONEderFull, fabYOUlous, Amazing reason why YOU ARE soooooo Grrrrrreat.

Here are a couple of Positive Affirmations to get ya on yar way:

~ I have CREATEd a FABulous Life for mySELF, full of LOVE, Gratitude, Happyness & JOY and infinite Blessings abound.

~ I LOVE the person I have CHOSEn to BE, the “I” inside of ME, I feel Blessed to BE, the ME, I LOVE mySELF to BE.

BLISSings to each & every ONE of WE, that we may awaken each day, drift to sleep each night and experience our lives within the Aware KNOWledge that WE ARE Earth Angels Divine.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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