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Our Weekly enLIGHTEnment Journey: Week 3, Question 2


..Hi Roni ..♥..have a beautiful and amazing sunday.. ☼
..I wish I can know why am alone for long time.. u say we can ask questions..right..??
..and why if I love teach Yoga ..the door are so slow to open for me to work.. in this healing technics.. sorry my english ..I express better spanish.. so I try my best here.. thanks so much..!! for listen or reading me..!! ..♥ 

..from PUERTO RICO ..with L♥ve..!!



Dear Puerto Rico,

LOVE to YOU Sweet Angel Thank YOU, Thank YOU for reaching out and sharing YOUr questions with ALL of WE ☺

YOU must KNOW, YOU are ALLready ¾ ahead of MOST individuals upon our Earth School, in that YOU KNOW that which YOU WANT!

Many of us, live our lives, DOing what we think we SHOULD DO, instead of going after what we WANT to DO.

KNOWing what we WANT is a GREAT Gift we must give ourSELVes Permission to embrace.

FOCUSing then, upon what we want, is a Gift of even Greater Permission we give unto our SELVes, and thus a fantabulous position from which to BE within.

This is FIRST and for this, BE GreatFull! BE GreatFull to YOU!

KNOWing what YOU want, and focusing upon that which YOU want as opposed to what YOU DO NOT want can sometimes BE difficult when what we want is NOT seemingly manifesting for us, in our current NOW, in our experienced reality.

HOWEVER…….as with the flowers we ALL enJOY so thoroughly every spring, when they blossom into their full bloom, we see not the growth that took place prior to their penetrating the earth from whence they came.

Blossoming from seed to sprout to TREE

Blossoming from seed to sprout to TREE

There is MUCH growth that happens from seed to blossomed flower, much of which is UNSEEN.

This energy that CREATEs the final manifestation of the flower which we gaze upon in such awe of its BEauty, is ALLways at work, is ALLways vibrating, growing, expanding into BEingness, even when, we do NOT see with our naked eye, that which is actually occurring.

YOU say that YOU have BEen alone for quite some time.

Ask YOUr SELF, what YOU have learned in this time that YOU have BEen alone, what growth have YOU experienced, what GIFTS of preparedness have YOU undergone to BE Open to Receive the Blessing of YOUr intimate partner.

Be GreatFull for the “time” YOU have BEen Gifted to venture WITHIN SELF, to learn more about SELF and what it is that YOU WANT, for it is within YOUr venture that YOU have BEen able to clarify that which YOU want, as well as that within YOU that has BEen FEARFull of receiving.

Where ever it is YOU are, is where YOU need to BE for whatever purpose YOU require to fulfill, it is a matter of asking the questions of SELF to KNOW and then giving SELF permission to HEAL, to LOVE SELF and thus BE OPEN to and for the LOVE that is awaiting YOUr embrace.

Perhaps it is, that YOU have had “issues” with respect to commitment, worthiness, deservedness, for that which YOU seek.

Perhaps it is, that YOU have BEen given this time to HEAL aspects of SELF that have BEen longing for LOVE from SELF.

To BE able to experience LOVE with another, we MUST FIRST LOVE SELF.

There is NO other whom can make us FEEL LOVEd if we are NOT first LOVing SELF.

We shan’t BE able to even recognize the LOVE of another, even if that other is “the one” we have BEen waiting for, perfect in every way for us, for we shan’t see our SELVes as worthy of so receiving. As such, we shan’t recognize the LOVE, for we don’t KNOW it for ourSELVes.

Once YOU have found, feel, are within a state of BEingness that is LOVing SELF, get clear and very concise on that which YOU seek, that which YOU want within YOUr partner.

Embracing LOVE

Embracing LOVE

Write it down, get pictures of those whom resemble or represent that which YOU desire and hang them where YOU can see them on a daily basis and KNOW, YOU are WORTHY and DESERVing of BEing with them, meeting them and that YOU WILL!

KNOW that YOU are ONE with ALL that is and that ALL that is, wants ONLY for YOUr Happiness, Well BEing and Fulfillment.

This is the same for the Yoga instruction YOU seek to provide.

Instead of focusing your thoughts, feelings and “mind conversations”

upon that which is NOT happening, focus upon that which IS happening and that which YOU WANT to happen.

Get a clear and concise picture within SELF of that which BEing a successFULL Yoga instructor looks and feels like to YOU, and Pay Attention and BE Aware. It is possible that many opportunities have come YOUr way to increase YOUr clientele, YOUr business, YOUr impact upon ALL and YOU have not seen them, BEcause YOU have BEen too focused on what is NOT, instead of what IS.

For example, YOU may want to open YOUr own Yoga studio, but are having difficulty getting clientele, and perhaps noticed a studio in YOUr neighbourhood seeking instructors…….Go to that studio and apply for the position. Look for opportunities where YOU may showcase YOUr skills as a Yoga instructor. Offer classes in the community centers in your neighbourhood, place ads in free listings in newspapers and online communities. Spread the word to ALL YOU KNOW, ALL YOU meet, that YOU are an EXCELLENT Yoga instructor and YOUr services are available.

SELF Introspection

SELF Introspection

Ask YOUr SELF WHY YOU have BEen GIFTed this time. Perhaps it is that YOU are NOT feeling confident in YOUr own Yoga skills, and therefore this time that YOU have BEen Gifted, in which things are a little slower, is for YOU to increase the breadth of YOUr KNOWledge.

Perhaps it is that YOU are NOT feeling worthy of success, or FEARFull of it.

This time is a GIFT to HEAL these illusory feelings and recognize that YOU are an Earth Angel, and that which YOU offer is unlike any other for NO other can teach as YOU DO, bring forth the energy that YOU DO, for no other is exactly like YOU!

YOU are Unique, YOU are Special and YOU have a Gift to Give that NO other can, BEcause it is YOU whom is giving it!

I AM an Ontological Philosopher/Literary Artist – I write of Life, seeking TRUTH for the BEnefit of ALL, which I AM GIFTed to so BE, that I may offer SELF as an enLIGHTenment Guidelight- I offer a gentle guiding hand upon another’s journey towards SELF LOVE. There are countless individuals upon this fantabulous Earth School of ours whom DO the exact same as I DO, BUT NONE, NOT ONE, DO it as I DO, for NOT ONE, is ME.

Remember this!

Remember too, that which is working UNSEEN, does not mean it is not working!

TRUST, if that which YOU want, that which YOU are attracted to, having a lover or intimate life partner, a successFull Yoga Studio or practise is that which makes YOU feel GREAT, is that which YOU are passionate about, and thus which YOU follow within LOVE’s Light, that the Energy YOU send forth into the Sea of ALL is rippling back to YOU with ALL that YOU want and MORE!!!

KNOW, that the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of Energy, which is what WE ALL ARE~ENERGY~ work in a very specific way, just as planting a seed in fertile earth or turning on a light bulb, the plug must BE plugged in and the switch turned on for the bulb to light up.

Finally, LOOK for that which IS manifesting within YOUr life ALLready, see where the Positives are, BE GreatFull for that which IS ALLready, for in focusing our minds on the plentiFull we have, we attract MORE of like kind to us!

The Eye of ALL of WE

The Eye of ALL of WE

It is the Law of Energy, and it IS, ALLways.

I have included two inspirational videos, I think YOU will find most uplifting, assisting and enLIGHTening, as have YOU BEen Sweet Angel in coming forth and asking YOUr most fantabulous question.

Thank YOU for sharing for the BEnefit of ALL of WE ☺

I AM most Blessed YOUr BEingness.

LOVing SELF, LOVing Life and passing the Positive Energy of LOVE to ALL.

Dr. Wayne Dyer…following our intentions…tapping into the flow of that which is.

Blessedly BE
Earth Angels Divine,
ONE Universal Family

Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

To schedule YOUr own Personal Guidance Journey, please send me an email. Looking forward to hearing from YOU and journeying our adventure of LOVE’s Light.  YOU are a Unique Miraculous Gift unto ALL and worthy and deserving to KNOW this for YOUr SELF!  Get in touch Today! I AM humbled the honour to shine the LIGHT of LOVE upon YOUr pathway to TRUTH.

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