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Our Weekly enLIGHTEnment Journey: Week Three, Question One:

How EXCITING is this!!!

We have TWO Fantabulous Journeys upon which to adventure this week and I AM sooo looking forward to sharing within EACH with and for the BEnefit of ALL :)

PLEASE DO, share YOUr words of Wisdom and LOVE’s Light with our Earth Angels, whom have BEen so courageous and LOVing to share with ALL of WE, a little of their BEingness :)

Here is our 3rd Week’s First Journey, please stay tuned later in the week for our 2nd journey of Week 3 :)


Hi Roni,

Vibrating on Different Frequencies

Vibrating on Different Frequencies

This week I have been trying to figure out the difference between Life and Drama. I consider everything that happens is Life, my now ex-boyfriend left because he said I have too much Drama in my life. The way I look at it is he obviously can’t handle life if he calls it drama, making me the stronger one for dealing with it and accepting it as part of my life, and he being the weak one for calling it drama and not being able to deal with it. Am I looking at this correctly or am I wrong??

Thanks for Being there, Hugs!!



Dearest Drama,

Hello Sweet Angel, and THANK YOU for sharing in YOUr experience of BEingness with ALL of WE!

Relationships are ONE of the MAJOR aspects of our lives, and I KNOW this question resonates with MANY of our Earth Angels. We are ALL Blessed YOUr courage in asking!


There are many whom say, “Life is a StagePlay”…..and many similar quotes speaking to the same, such as “Life is but a Game”, “Life is a Book and YOU are the Author”, etc…

I think to BEgin it important to distinguish the LANGUAGE BEing used, as,

LIFE IS Drama!

ahhhhhhhhhh Shakespeare

ahhhhhhhhhh Shakespeare

What is “Drama”?

The Encarta World English Dictionary defines “Drama” as :

1. a serious play written for performance on stage, television, or radio

2. works written for performance on the stage, radio, or television considered as a literary genre

3. the performance, production, or writing of plays considered as a job, activity, or subject to be         studied

4. a real-life event or situation that is particularly exciting or emotionally involving

5. exciting, tense, and gripping events and actions, or an exciting, tense, and gripping quality, either in a work of art or in a real-life situation.

Without “Drama”, what would LIFE BE?

We are here to EXPERIENCE, grow, learn, ask questions, seek answers, enLIGHTen, transcend and awaken.

According to the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, “Drama” is:

1. a composition in verse or prose intended to portray life or character or to tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions through action and dialogue and typically designed for theatrical performance.

2. dramatic art, literature or affairs

3. a state, situation, or series of event involving interesting or intense conflict of forces

In other words, Drama is Life and Life is Drama or to put more aptly, Drama is the theatrical representation of REAL LIFE situations.

Of course, having said ALL that, we are each unique individuals and thus, each have our own “Dramatic” preferences, styles, attractions and repulsions. Some of us prefer romantic dramas, whilst others, comedic dramas, violent dramas, or peaceFull dramas. What is “RIGHT” for ONE DOes NOT connote that which is right for another, nor DOes it take away from that which is “right” or “wrong” for each, it is just different. The fact that the dramatic musical, “Cats” was such an AMAZING hit, takes nothing away from the smash hit run of the comedic musical, “The Producers”, or they, from the Operatic hit “Les Miserables”…….n’est ce pas ☺

There exists no need to compare, contrast or otherwise heighten or lower the attractions or repulsions of others to our own. YOUr ex-boyfriend has ‘different attractions and repulsions” for the life experiences, the “drama”, he PREFERS to engage within. This DOes NOT make him weaker or stronger than YOU, or vica-verca, simply, different.

The way YOU are CHOOSing to perceive the situation right NOW, is COMPLETLEY understandable!! YOU are FEELing “less than”, someone else has- in YOUr mind, through YOUr CHOSEn interpretation- ‘put YOU down’, compared, contrasted themSELF to YOU and in a hurtFull and belittling way.

It is VERY VERY VERY Important to remember, NO MATTER WHAT another says to us, it is WE whom CHOOSEs HOW we shall Perceive, Receive and Respond, or think about, feel about and thus respond to the contributions of others. This is YOUr CHOICE. YOU can CHOOSE from an INFINITE number of interpretations, thoughts and feelings regarding what YOUr ex-boyfriend said to YOU and what ACTions HE CHOSE to make.

WonderFully, YOU can CHOOSE to DO ALL, IN LOVE!

Conditioned FEAR

Conditioned FEAR

We have BEen taught in our very competitive society, for CENTURIES NOW, that to raise ONE’s SELF up, YOU must put another down. Do NOT judge YOUr SELF or belittle YOUr SELF in any way for DOing so, or judge YOUr “ex” for DOing the same. It is a conditioned defense mechanism when we are feeling hurt, pain, anger, sadness, or depressed levels of happiness in some way, shape or form. It is however, a DEFENSIVE MECHANISM and thus coming from a place of FEAR and not LOVE. It is coming from a place of CONDITIONING and thus ILLUSION-NOT TRUTH, and thus NOT Unconditional LOVE, which is our TRUE NATURE of BEingness.

YOUr ex-boyfriend, CHOOSing to engage in experiences of “less drama”, says NOTHING negative about YOU or him for that matter, it merely speaks to the Unique, BEautiFull reflections of ALL of WE, within Each of YOU ♥

When YOU are ready, when YOU CHOOSE to, YOU WILL BE able to see, the BEauty that exists within Each of YOU and BE GreatFull for having had the opportunity to share in the experience of each of YOUr individual reflections of BEauty. When YOU DO, YOU will be able to see all the growth, sharing, transcendence, lessons learned and awakening that was GIFTed as a result thereto.

Unconditional LOVE

Unconditional LOVE

This is to LOVE Unconditionally.

YOU are BOTH BEautiFull Earth Angels, and EACH of YOU, is a Gift for ALL.

Do NOT BE insulted, or take personally that which is YOUr ex-boyfriend’s preferred stimulus of engagement. It speaks NOTHING of YOUr Blessed BEingness, ONLY of HIS PREFERRED stimulus of engagement or ‘the type of plays he is MOST attracted to.

YOU would NOT take it personally for example, if I told YOU that I preferred the colour Amethyst, EVEN IF, YOU HATED IT!

YOU would NOT look down upon me, see me as any less than I AM, BEcause of this preference. Nor, and more importantly, would YOU look down upon YOUr SELF as BEing any less than, BEcause YOU did not like something that I liked. YOU would simply accept that we are both BEautiFull individuals, each having our own preferences, things that we are each individually attracted and repelled to. It is the SAME thing with YOUr ex-boyfriend and the ‘type of dramas’ preferred in one’s experience of life, only, of course, on a much larger or more general sphere of our BEingness than one’s colour preference ☺

YOU are in a process of HEALing Dear Angel. Allow for the negative feelings, acKNOWledge them, hear them and then……

..then, realign them in TRUTH, in LOVE, for SELF and thus for ALL.

Go'n with the Flow of LOVE

Go'n with the Flow of LOVE

This is DOne through our internal Mind’s Conversations, by CHOOSing to remind SELF of TRUTH, focusing on the Positive, CHOOSing to see through different eyes or alternative perspectives.

This is DOne by CHOOSing to think and feel differently about the situation, opening SELF up to the infinite possibilities of lessons available within the experience YOU shared within.

This is DOne by BEing greatFull for having had those experiences, the lessons learned which YOU shall bring with YOU into YOUr next relationship and through out YOUr life, the journey adventured, the love shared and the positive memories to BE cherished as a result.

This is DOne by CHOICE

KNOW that in so DOing YOU are NOT giving more to one or less to another, YOU are simply honouring that which IS.

Blessings to YOU Sweet Angel,

Here’s to enJOYing the Drama, elegance, excitement, calmness, serenity, LOVE, Peace, Happiness, Adventure and JOY within Each of our lives, ALLways!

Blessedly BE,
Radiate Soul Light
In Lak’ech
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

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