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Thoughts Become Things...Choose The Good Ones

Soooo how, HOW DO we stay in the NOW!!!

That’s Easy!
Pay Attention – BE Aware – LOVE SELF!

Pay Attention to WHAT YOU are thinking about, to the CHOICES YOU are making regarding WHICH of the 64000 thoughts running through YOUr MIND, YOU are focusing on.

In Paying Attention, YOU are thus Aware.
In BEing Aware, YOU can thus LOVE SELF and CHOOSE the thoughts that are HAPPY thoughts, that make YOU feel good, like CHOOSING to BE in the NOW!

This does NOT mean that you are ignoring, averting or avoiding anything that needs your attention. It means appropriating your attention in a constructive manner which is healthy, helpFull and positive to YOUr overall WHOLE-istic BEing.
It means, STOPping to Breathe, giving YOUr SELF permission to look around YOU in YOUr Every NOW, and SEE ALL the Gifts within YOUr “Present” moment.
From the environment surrounding you, like when I was out playing with Shaman, ahhhhhhh such BEauty!! The renewed life- grass, flowers, trees, springing to BEing, the fresh crisp morning air, the children’s laughter as they walked to school, to experiences of BlissFull Joy, such as the gift of BEing able to actually Play outside with our wonderFull Shaman Jhanu.

Giving our SELVes Permission…that’s a BIG One!
We are so very ready to give our SELVes permission to dwell on the negatives, and so very weary of allowing our SELVes even the smallest of bread crumbs towards the pathway of positive.
Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…..

You have writ something to be reviewed….whether for class, a lover, friend, publisher, matters not… give your written piece to the individual {s} to review and are told you will receive a reply in 3 weeks. Could be 3 days, 3 months……again, matters not.

During those 3 weeks, you can CHOOSE to ponder that they WILL LOVE it………and yet, instead go over all the reasons WHY they will NOT……...that’s the Energy YOU are feeding into the process.…….the FEAR of “what if”, this that or the other.

The paper you handed in, could easily be a test you have writ, a question you have asked of someone, a project you have compiled, a proposal you have prepared, a party you have planned, ANYthing. The point is when we KNOW not the outcome, it is of our CHOOSing as to what we shall focus our attentions.

Planning Zion’s big event had me, I am sad to say, “worrying for NOT’ for some time, until I was able to REFOCUS my attentions onto the POSITIVE POTENTIALS instead of ALL the negatives. My oh my what an infinite number of negatives we can conjure!!! WonderFully enough, there are an INFINITE number of Positives we can conjure as well!!!
Amazing how that Free Will is sooooo balanced!!

SO….the question then BEcomes which shall YOU CHOOSE to focus upon? The positive potentials, or the negative ones?
Either way, the outcome shall BE, what the outcome shall BE, however…..
YOUr journey on the way there, can BE whatever YOU make it!!!

In CHOOSing to focus upon the positive potentials, not only do YOU enhance YOUr journey to YOUr outcome, YOU are also GIFTed far Beyond!! Our CHOICEs in life are exponential!
CHOOSing to focus on the positives, even those “unKNOWn” potentials, naturally enhances our Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health- stress/worry turns YOUr BEingnes into a frying pan of oily, greasy MUCK! YUCK!!!
YES!! There is MORE!
CHOOSing the Positive also enhance the potential for positive outcomes! Yup, I said it, ‘cuz it’s TRUE!
When ya focus on the positives, you send out positive vibrations towards the manifestations of YOUr desired outcomes. These vibrations are REAL, they are energy that YOU are emanating out to the world and thus reverberating back to YOU!

Does this mean focusing on the positive will ALLWays ensure the positive outcome of YOUr desires?
Well, YES!
Though, to our knowledge, in our limited BEingness of sight, it may not ALLways appear to be so. As most of us have not BEen taught how to hone our skills of foresight, we can not see into the future, and sometimes what seems negative today, turns out positive tomorrow.

For example, you are planning on taking a trip, you’re all packed, left early to get to the airport on time only to find out your flight has been cancelled due to mass storms. You’re disappointed, all you can focus on is all that you are missing out on.
You later find out the place you were going to got blasted with a hurricane and thousands were hospitalized. Good thing yar flight got cancelled……didn’t think that at the time though did ya!!!

It is realizing that all those “NOT’s” that you are worrying about WILL get taken care of, REGARDLESS of and WITHOUT YOUr worry!

Isn’t it amazing how we worry about not worrying about our worries??!!

Now that’s a tongue twister deserving of a little pondering, doncha think?
Shall we………

Our minds “trick” us….through the centuries of conditioning that is, that if we don’t continuously think about and rethink about, analyze and reanalyze – otherwise KNOWn as, “WORRYing”, about the things that “ought” to BE, that need our attention, they won’t BE, they won’t get done, taken care of, or otherwise, manifest.
That’s just not true.
When YOU are in the NOW of whatever it is YOU have been worrying about, YOU WILL take care of it, in that NOW!
While playing with Shaman, I am NOT sitting on the phone with my calendar & note pad in hand, to arrange items needed for Zion, whether it’s for his special event or an appointment with his doctor, nor am I sitting on my computer writing a fantabulous essay.
I’m outside playing with my dog and that is where my mind should BE, in the NOW of my NOW.
The phone calls will get done, when I am in the NOW of making calls, just as the writing gets done when I am in the NOW of my writing.

When we CHOOSE to focus on the positives, it doesn’t take away from our list of “things” to be done, from getting done, it ENHANCES them getting done, because everything we DO, BEcomes a DOing of LOVE’s Light, Positivity, Happiness, and enJOYment!

When we are in a state of Happiness we are more motivated, more energized and thus more productive.
It simply is, TRUTH!
Positivity begets Positivity
just as misery loves company.
The CHOICE as ALLways is of our making, our Creation.

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