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Tension in yOUR Healthy Relationship??

If YOU are having “tension” in ANY relationship, take a step back and ALLOW SELF to acKNOWledge ALL the GIFTs YOU HAVE, by BEing in that relationship.

BEing in a relationship and CHOOSing NOT to BE, is a TWO way street.
YOU have just as much ABILITY to direct the outcome of any situation in yOUR life including those involving others, as DO they.

If YOU are currently unhappy in ANY relationship, however full of LOVE for the other YOU may BE, look to SELF to SEE where it IS that YOU are NOT LOVing YOU.

Often times we take our SELF LOATHING out on those closest to us and thus punish our SELVes by punishing and alienating those we LOVE MOST.

Times of “tension” in relationships CAN BE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES for growth for both SELF and each other as a Couple…if YOU so CHOOSE it to BE.

**Please Note**
“Relationships” BEing spoken to herein are “Healthy Relationships”….as in not abusive, as in both parties have CHOSEn to BE, in Conscious Awareness and SELF LOVE, in said relationship, as in the “tension” BEing experienced IS NOT inflicting harm on SELF or others in any way – physically, mentally, emotionally, esoterically….

Radiating LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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