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Wisdom and Wellness Tips

~ALL day TODAY, CHOOSE to Speak with yOUR Gentle Voice of LOVE, no matter what the situation & pay attention to the affect.

~SMALL CHANGES make BIG Differences…..we can CHOOSE to make SMALL POSITIVE Changes EVERY DAY & BEnefit SELF & ALL Exponentially!

~What SMALL Positive CHANGE can YOU CHOOSE to make today in yOUR Daily Habitual BEingness? CHOOSE to MAKE IT, BE IT!

~It’s ALL about ‘finding the balance’…Providing SELF with just enough of ALL the Good Stuff we require to BE Healthy.

~It’s NOT enough to just eat well, or exercise regularly, or meditate, or DO the ‘work’= CREATION YOU LOVE, ~~ya gotta BALANCE ALL.

~A Balanced Life incorporates that which is required by ALL levels of our multi dimensional BEingness.

~Balance IS achieved when we honour the Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional aspects of WE, which WE ALL Deserve!

~It may seem like a lot of things to ‘keep in balance’ to BE ALL we are here to BE, but WE ARE ALL that & so much more!

~Balancing occurs Naturally, Effortlessly when we honour, respect, listen to & LOVE SELF TRUEly, WHOLLY, & COMPLETELY

~DO what IS right for YOU, NOT what others say or think IS good for YOU, we are ALL Unique Reflections of the ONE.

~TRUST in yOUR SELF, in yOUR BLISS, in yOUR HAPPYness to KNOW what IS right for YOU, no one can KNOW but YOU :)

~Release SELF from External Judgments & Barometers to ALLOW SELF to TRUEly LISTEN to yOUR OWN BlissFull Happyness.

~When we can let go of “should BE’s” in accord to some illusory standards, we can simply BE the I in ME we ARE here to BE.

~It’s NOT whether YOU measure up to someone else’s standards, it’s whether YOU are honouring yOUR TRUTH, yOUR GIFTS.

~We are ALL here to share in OUR UNIQUE GIFTS, reflections of our divinity, KNOW yOURs by Following yOUR Bliss.

~BE Patient with SELF in finding yOUR Balance, acKNOWledging & emBODYing yOUR TRUTH, it will BE with dedicated persistence.

~Baby Steps along our journey WILL get us where we want to BE…day by day, little by little, CHOOSE to LOVE SELF more.

~Recognize in yOUR NOW ALL the ways YOU ARE fulfilling yOUR Life’s Purpose, yOUR Personal Legend, experiencing, LIVING yOUR BLISS!

Positive Energy emanated out to the SEA of ALL for our Collective Awakening into optimal homeostasis upon ALL Levels of our Multi-Dimensional BEingness.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. » To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni Click HERE.

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