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FB enLIGHTenment Journey FOUR, Battling the Bulge

enLIGHTenment Request

Dear Roni,

Thank you so very much for offering your guidance so generously, I am most deeply appreciative.

You mentioned that you are, in addition to being an enlightenment guidelight, a professional fitness trainer and nutritional consultant…….

What can you recommend for someone who wants to lose weight?????
I have been “Battling the bulge” for the last 8 years now, and have had little to no success.
I have tried various programs, diets, and nothing has worked.
I really want to lose the weight………can you help?

With much Love and Gratitude,
“Battling the Bulge”


enLIGHTenment Guidance

Dear Angel, “Battling the Bulge”

First and Foremost, let me THANK YOU humbly, for sharing YOUr opportunity for growth with ALL of WE!

This is an opportunity MANY face and I AM honoured to BE able to assist, uplift and enLIGHTen in any way, I AM so able ☺

Allow me to BEgin by saying outright, DIETing DOes NOT WORK!!!


The mind set invoked when one partakes upon a journey of dieting is TEMPORARY.

Thus the related terminology that has developed as a result of the “dieting industry”: “yo-yo dieters” and “yo-yo dieting”. The words exist for a reason!

Sure, dieting can work, but only long enough to glimpse our desired results, BEfore they fluctuate right back to where we started, if NOT far BEyond the realms thereto.

yo-yo Dieting

yo-yo Dieting

How many times do we hear of one whom has lost 10-20-50 pounds only to gain back, not only their weight loss, but an additional 10-20-50 pounds on top of it!

Too many to count ☹

Dieting does NOT work, period.

Achieving our “ideal body weight” – a different number for EVERYONE – regardless of what the “health index” stipulates by the way, BEgins within one’s………….are ya ready, it may NOT BE what YOU were expecting………..MIND.

Ya heard right, achieving one’s ideal body image DOes NOT BEgin with proper eating and exercise, though these are the mainstays to any HEALTHy lifestyle, they come AFTER one’s CHOSEn MIND set.

Negative SELF image

Negative SELF image

Allow me to introduce YOU to “NOT”……..

One can eat well, exercise and still, NOT lose weight or get into shape, IF they keep telling themSELVes they are “NOT”…..not slim enough, not healthy enough, not BEautiFull enough, not worthy, not capable, just “NOT”.

More over, if ONE DOes achieve their “ideal” with a mind set of “NOT”- they will assuredly gain back ALL the weight they did lose, and then some.

Achieving a healthy body image, weight, and figure BEgins with HOW one CHOOSEs to see one’s SELF, REGARDLESS of what the scale says or the mirrors shows.

Here’s what I mean.

Take a BEing whom is severely overweight.

When they look in the mirror, they are NOT going to see a slim, fit body, period. Ya can’t see what is NOT there, when it’s staring ya right back in the face.

Life is a GIFT of our making

Life is a GIFT of our making

HOWEVER……..YOU CAN CHOOSE to SEE that this body looking back at YOU is a GIFT, YOUr Gift of LIFE, YOUr Gift of Infinite Opportunity and…..LOVE YOUr Gift, Opportunity, Life, Body, SELF, regardless of the image YOU see projected back.

This is one aspect of a “healthy mind set”, in fact, it is the FIRST and FOREMOST of importance.

Ya see, if we do not LOVE the SELF we allready are, then in essence, what we are saying is, “I AM NOT worthy of looking, feeling or BEing Great.” What we are saying is, “I AM NOT”, when in TRUTH, YOU ARE!

Thus, to TRUEly achieve a lasting desired body image, we MUST FIRST BEgin with LOVing the SELF we are, as we are ALLready.

We must BEgin with Positive “Mind Conversations”, statements of “I AM” that end with adjectives such as, “worthy”, “BEautiFull”, “a Miracle”, “a Gift”, “Energy”, “LOVE”, “a Healthy Thinker”……and then……then we get really creative and go BEyond that which we see, and add on to our “I AM” statements, adjectives of that which we are seeking to BEcome, such as “I AM…….Slim, my ideal weight, XXX pounds, an exerciser, a healthy eater, fit” etc….

We DO this BEcause, the way our BEingness works, biologically, chemically, energetically, is that WE TELL our SELVes that which we are/want and THEN…….then our Mind, our Brain, sends signals to our physical bodies to assist us in achieving these statements.

Here’s the thing….ya KNOW how sometimes, you aren’t sure if an experience YOU have had really happened or if it was “just” a dream?

Well, it turns out our Minds can’t tell the difference between reality and dreams or between that which we actually see in the mirror and that which we TELL our SELVes we see.

Then……the mind, BElieving what YOU tell it, will conspire to bring about that which YOU have set into motion.

I LOVE Healthy Eating

I LOVE Healthy Eating

For example, if YOU repeatedly tell YOUr SELF, for example, “I AM a HEALTHY Eater”, eventually, when YOU go for the cupcake, YOUr “Mind’s Conversation” will play out something like this:

“Ummmmmm, what are YOU DOing??? We don’t eat foods like that, we are a Healthy Eater!!”

Thus, there is no need to “watch YOUr SELF”, or stave off the cravings, for YOUr Mind will take care of ALL automatically for YOU.

Of course, retraining our Mind DOes take commitment and dedication, afterall, how long has it taken YOU to BElieve in ALL the “not’s” about SELF that YOU currently DO.

Repetition is KEY!

Some other great affirmations to use:

  • I THINK like someone who is slim.
  • I THINK like a Healthy Individual.
  • I ACT like a Fit, Athletic, Nutritionally Healthy Individual.
  • I MAKE Healthy Choices for my SELF, my Body, and my Mind.

A few great affOrmations you can try:

  • Why AM I so Healthy?
  • What DO I DO to BE sooo Healthy?
  • Why AM I in shape?
  • Why AM I dedicated, devoted, motivated and successFull at achieving my Fitness and Nutrition goals?
Retrain YOUr Brain

Retrain YOUr Brain

There are MANY Positive Tools that one can use to assist in reaffirming YOUr repeated positive “I AM” statements, such as meditation, visualization, vision boards, journaling, talking about that which YOU are intending, researching, and much much more.

The point is, that at every turn, whatever YOU can DO, to assist, uplift, enLIGHTen and alter YOUr current negative “Mind Conversations” pertaining to SELF, DO!

When negative thoughts come into YOUr Mind, do NOT berate YOUr SELF, see them for what they are, OPPORTUNITIES to retrain the brain ☺

As we so DO, we create NEW Neural Pathways that will release chemicals, signaling NEW thoughts and feelings and thus motivating new ACTions, such as NOT eating the cupcake ☺
Whilst training one’s Mind to see SELF in LOVE’s Light, the physical ACTions to be taken are, as the sayings goes, “variety as the spice of life” and “moderation is key”.

To BE Healthy, to live a healthy lifestyle, is to change how one approaches life completely…….it is NOT a temporary diet, “until I reach my goal weight”.

BEing Healthy is a LIFESTYLE, which YOUr Mind training WILL assist YOU in integrating within YOUr day to day living.

Once YOU Change HOW YOU view SELF, YOU WILL Naturally Change HOW YOU approach and live YOUr life.

And, YES!, YOU DO have to CHANGE YOUr lifestyle habits regarding eating and exercise, PERMANENTLY, if YOU want to achieve and maintain YOUr healthy body weight and image, PERIOD.

With respect to our clichés “variety & moderation”, YOU want to ensure that YOU are eating a variety of HEALTHY foods, from ALL food groups –these BEing: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fruits and veggies. YOU also want to ensure that YOU are eating appropriate portions.

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Healthy Eating Pyramid

At each meal, YOU want to have one “portion” from each of the food groups AND this portion should BE no bigger than the size of YOUr fist or the palm of YOUr hand.

I KNOW, it may NOT sound like a lot, BUT……’s more than enough for YOUr body…..another Positive Mind Conversation to repeat to SELF, “these healthy portions ARE enough to satiate and satisfy my body.”

Also, keep in mind, small as they may be in portion size, if yar eating something from EVERY food group, ya got quite the FULL plate!!!

For times when YOU are feeling hungry, in between meals, and YOU likely will, especially when you are first changing YOUr eating habitsgo for a DRINK FIRST!! We often times confuse our thirst for hunger, so ALLways, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, FIRST and foremost in between meals, when hunger may strike and then……..IF YOU are still hungry, CHOOSE healthy snacks, such as vegetables, which YOU can cut up and have ready for YOU {stored in little snack size containers}, a nice size pear, apple, or other fruit, 10 crackers and low fat cheese, or 10 –20 nuts {almonds and walnuts are BEST}.

There are, of course a plethora of other choices available

Let's Get Physical

Let's Get Physical

Regarding physical activity, YOU WANNA DO!

Whatever YOU CAN, that is physically ACTive, DO, DO, DO.

DOing something is better than nothing, even if that means taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, or parking further away from the store’s entrance when going shopping.

Moving on from here, within an exercise workout, YOU want to ensure YOU are working both YOUr anaerobic and aerobic systems, or YOUr cardiovascular {heart and lungs} and muscular aspects of physicality.

This means ensuring YOU are DOing both aerobic type exercises such as running, dancing, yoga, pilates, rollerblading, gardening, house cleaning, walking, swimming AND weight conditioning exercises, or weight lifting, including free weights, machines, even lifting and carrying groceries from the store, around YOUr house, etc….

Don’t BE boxed in by “conventional” means of exercising. Opportunities to exercise, or BE PHYSICALLY ACTive are all around us, and DO NOT require special gym equipment to achieve. Go to YOUr local playground and climb the monkey bars, swing on the swings, run up and down the stairs of the jungle gym, shovel sand, or in the winter, snow…..the opportunities to BE physically ACTive are EVERYWHERE!

REMEMBER it ALL starts within our Mind and then BABY STEPS from there.

There is NO NEED to go “FULL FORCE” on day one of YOUr commitment to LOVE SELF.

YOU have had an entire lifetime of training in one direction, BE PATIENT with SELF, BE LOVing, Caring and Supportive.

Use this affOrmation to get ya inspired: How AM I sooooo physically ACTive every day?

Each day is a new opportunity.

Each day YOU DO something towards achieving YOUr goal is one more something that YOU were NOT DOing BEfore.

Appreciate YOUr SELF, Show Gratitude for what YOU are DOing, focus on the Positives. If YOU DO something that is not “aligned” with YOUr “new” lifestyle, see it as an opportunity, NOT a set back!

and Above ALL else, LOVE SELF!

For more insights into Healthy Living and LIfesyles, check out the following links BElow.

Positive Energies this has BEen of assistance to YOU Sweet Angel and again, Thank YOU Thank YOU for sharing YOUr personal quest with ALL of WE, as I KNOW, we will, have and ARE BEnefitting from YOUr SHARING within the experience of YOUr BEingness ☺
I look forward to hearing from more of YOU this weekend, for our next “Weekly EnLIGHTenment Journey”.

Blessedly BE
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni
Soul’s Talking Brain
Fulfilled Destiny S3

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