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The journey continues…..

Work’in on BOTH the Fitness and Nutrition Self Plans reports for YOUr Wisdom and Wellness, that YOU may Fulfill YOUr Destiny NOW, and live a long, happy and healthy lifestyle, today, tomorrow and ALLways!!!!

Soooooooooo MUCH information, I’m blowing myself away!!!

The Fitness Self Plans will be 60 – 100 pages!!!  Chock full of weight conditioning exercises ranging from compound to complimentary muscle groups and ALL designed to be done in the convenience and comfort of YOUr own HOME!!!  How cool is that!!!  But WAIT!!  There’s more, soooooo much more!!  You’ve got an entire abdominals section, cardiovascular conditioning, including cross training, interval training, yoga, pilates, plus an entire calisthenics fitness plan!!  There’s enough in YOUr Fitness Self Plans to keep ya busy for the rest of YOUr physically active, healthy, long life and then some!!  And did I mention all the pictures!!!  The instruction is unbelievably detailed, plus there are pictures illustrating almost every move, exercise described within!!!

It’s like having your very own Professional Personal Trainer, only, instead of them yell’in at YOU to do this, that or the other, YOU maintain COMPLETE Control and Power over YOUr Personal Fitness Exercise Self Plans!!!  It’s AMAZING!!  And……I haven’t even touched upon the Nutrition Self Plans!!!  Chock Full of invaluable information, the wisdom garnered through YOUr Nutrition Self Plans will provide ALL the Nutritional information you require to provide the utmost in minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and yes, even fats for a body that is fit, trim and slim, promoting longevity and health through out YOUr lifetime!!!

I had to write today, ‘cuz I’m just so completely overwhelmed and excited!!!  We’re even discussing a book, it’s soooo amazing!!!  Of course, for all of YOU, these Self Plans will be available long before any book deals come to manifestation, through Fulfilled Destiny S3, and I gotta tell ya, the price can not be beat!!!  Truly, I’m look’in at the Self Plans and think’in we’re CRAZY to be giv’in this stuff away for soooo little!!!  But!  Money is not what we are about!!!  Assisting YOU to BE the YOU, YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE is!!!  That’s why we even went through all we did, have, and continue to so do, to create Fulfilled Destiny S3!!  And why we are NOT increasing any prices, but ensuring that we are providing the MOST for the least, that YOU may ALL Fulfill YOUr Destiny NOW and Live the Life you were intended to live, happy, healthy and FREE to BE the YOU, YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE :O)

We are so greatly humbled the honour to assist any and all we are so able, giving the greatest gift of all, YOU!!!

Blessedly BE

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. » To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni Click HERE.

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