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Tarot Chart Light Readings

Diving the energies that BE, the energies of YOU, surrounding YOU, affecting YOU and within YOU.

Tarot readings are used to reflect your thoughts and actions within the conscious and subconscious mind. They provide greater insight into YOUr SELF, allowing for an increased SELF-awareness. The Tarot does so by clarifying events and situations in your past, why they happened, what they are leading to, thus, shedding light on potential pathways to YOUr CHOSEN future.

Tarot is NOT a tool of evil nor was it ever intended as such. Any tarot readers who use Tarot as a predictor of negative events is calling such negative energies unto themselves and their reading should be completely ignored.
Tarot is NOT meant to scare you or warn you of forebodings to come, but to provide insight into possible pathways one may walk to fulfill their chosen destiny.
It is a guide to assist, not one to instill fear.

When Tarot first came to be, in the very early 1300’s, it was called “Tarocchi”, and was introduced as a new game, based upon the already existent playing cards we know and use today. Tarocchi added an entire new set of TRUMP cards, 22 in total, with exquisite drawings to represent each, in addition to an extra Queen card for every suit, of which there are four, as we have today. Through out the centuries the 4 suits of Tarot have changed in accordance to the creator of the specific decks, to such suits as Swords, Wands, Cups and Disks.
This brought the 52 card deck up to a 78 card deck.

When the Tarot was rediscovered in the 1700’s, it brought new meaning to those who used it, finding depth and great symbolism in not only the exquisite drawings, but the actual make up of the cards themselves.
The cards, having 22 Trump cards, or Major Arcana, were seen to signify the 22 possible pathways along the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. In addition, the 10 Minor Arcana cards, or the 4 main suits of numbers 1 – 10, were interpreted to signify the 10 Sephirot of the Tree of Life or the levels upon which one would ascend to their TRUE origin of BEingness, transcended enlightenment, otherwise known as Heaven to some.

Through out the centuries, the Tarot has grown in significance and use, and through the energies of those using the Tarot, in it’s MEANINGFULLness.
As ALL is ENERGY, the energy put into these cards by the masses of individuals using them, have given the Tarot enormous ability in revealing insights into the depths of YOUr BEingness.
It is important to state that NO Tarot reading can be considered accurate without the complete cooperation of both the reader, and much more importantly, the individual receiving the reading. It is YOUr energy that is fed into the cards, that summons the insights YOU require in the NOW of your reading and thus when asking for any Tarot reading, VITALLY IMPORTANT that you concentrate fully on the guidance you seek from the Tarot, clearing your mind completely of all else.
When providing a Tarot Reading Chart Light through Fulfilled Destiny S3, your interpreter, Roni Lipstein, cleanses the entire area where the reading shall take place, in addition to the cards being used and her self. This ensures that her energies of positive neutrality BE all that is within the vicinity of the cards, and it is YOUr specific energies that are transcended into YOUr Tarot Chart Light Reading.

Lastly, it is important to note that neither Roni, Aline, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, or Fulfilled Destiny S3 ascribe to ANY religious belief system or denomination, outside of the Universal LOVE of ALL.
YOUr Tarot Chart Light Readings, as any guidance provided herein through Fulfilled Destiny S3, are of, through, by and for LOVE, for the benefit of YOU!

Blessedly BE
Angels Divine,
Within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull LOVing Serenity,
& one Fantastical, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’in Journey :)

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