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I BElieve

I BElieve we are here for the experience itSELF.

I BElieve we are here to experience what the SENSation of BEing a separate entity IS like.

I BElieve we are here to experience the sensation of our contribution to the collective WHOLE.

I BEieve that we forget our TRUTH so we may have this experience of sensing our seeming separateness, our individuality, our unqiue contributing wave length to the harmonic melody of our WHOLE.

I BELieve we forget our TRUTH BEcause if we remembered it, we would remember it……remember it WHOLLY, we would KNOW resolutely that we are NOT separate but WHOLE with ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.

I BElieve we forget our TRUTH BEcause in remembering we are WHOLE with ALL that IS, we would also recognize that our physical individuality was nothing more than an illusory construct of our perceptual awareness and thus rid our SELF the experience of it altogether as we would simply see our SELF as we TRUEly are…..ONE with ALL.

I BElieve we have ALL CHOSEn to come into this incarnated form to experience our SELF, our own BEingness from a more detached perspective only to find out that we are NOT any more detached or attached in our physical form than we are in our esoteric Light form of consciousness.

Same-same but different…..but still……..the same…..

I think what would BE TRUEly, remarkably ONEderFull for ALL of WE, [& I DO BElieve we are so DOing] IS to come to the Happy Medium, the BALANCEd BEingness….BEing withIN the physical, sensory incarnated state of our BEingness, IN AWAREness of the COLLECTIVE WHOLE to which we are ALL ONE, and thus swaying in harmonic melody our Light of LOVE eternally.

But hey……that’s just me 😉

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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