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Lessons exemplified of late….

Fantabulously enough, every NOW has a lesson for growth and transcendence within it, for ALL!!!

Pretty Amazing, n’est ce pas?

The lessons exemplified of late in our world have focussed on POSITIVE THOUGHTS, Focussing our attentions on the positive, instead of drowning in negative, unmotivating, distracting ones.

Here’s the facts, when anyone is worrying, stressing, anxious, otherwise negatively distracted, they are unable to actually deal with the situation, DO anything about the situation they are currently stressing over, as they are too busy taking time to allocate their attentions to stressing about the very situation they need to BE DOing something about.

whooooo, whatta mouthfull!!!  but oh so TRUE!!  Stress is a result of thought, it is a process in our MIND, not a physical manifestation of our DOing, for when we are DOing something, we are focussing on the DOing of the something that is BEing Done instead of worrying about it getting done.

People sit and talk about how they haven’t time to exercise, but they have time to sit and talk about how they haven’t time to exercise…….huh?

YES, we have many unknowns, many questions, but we are ALLways in a NOW, in a given moment, and we forget to BE in the moment we are in.

If you are in a moment of stress, STOP, look around you, are you okay right now?  Do you have a home in which you live?  Food to satiate your hunger, clothes on your back, are you alive? Breathing air?  Were you born?  YOU ARE A MIRACLE!!!  STOP and take a step back and SEE.  What it is you are stressing about is not in YOUr NOW…..if it was, you wouldn’t be stressing about it, you’d be dealing with it, DOing something, something you can start doing right NOW!!!

YA don’t hafta go crazy, start small, one small thing towards realizing your objectives, and focus your attentions there.  It’s quite wonderfull how naturally things’ll just take shape on their own from there :)

Happy Days to ALL!!

BLISSedly BE Sweet Earth Angels
I AM another YOU
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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