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Making Mistakes

When a “mistake” BEcomes ~~BEcause we CHOOSE to so use it as~~ a “lesson learned”, it IS no longer a mistake :)

We make of our lives and our life experiences what we CHOOSE to make, what we CHOOSE to CREATE of them, based upon our interpretation thereof.

A failure IS NOT a failure unless we learn nothing from it. Semantics may BE ALL that differs between a “failure” and a huge “opportunity” or “learning experience”, and yet, it IS the very meaning BEhind these words that we attribute thereto that changes our world upside down on the spin of a dime.

It IS this POWER of our perceptual CHOOSing that determines the outcome of our life, and it IS NOT a power that can BE given away or taken away by any for it exists SOLELY within YOU.

CHOOSE to ALLways DO whatever YOU are so able to, to Perceive, Receive & Respond from yOUR HIGHest degree of Unconditional LOVE BEingness.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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