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Release SELF from the constraints of Time

When we LOVE SELF, we imbue the environment within our surround and ALL contained therein with the Energy of LOVE

Make sense?

no hoohaaaa
no magical spells
no unreachable, unexplainable, unrealistic tricks.

And……..let it BE KNOWn……for those whom have attempted to manifest their great dreams and desires in accord to the law of attraction……..there is NO time or space in the “land of energy” everything IS everything…….the earth rotating around the sun within a span of 24 hours DOes NOT a “day” make to energy……..where IS the start of the turn? where IS its end? Who IS to say what 24 hours IS? An hour to ONE may BE a minute to another. It IS merely another infinite occurrence, another bubble of energy existence within the ALL that IS……

Thus…….if WE are able to release our SELF from the constraints of time,……..maintain focus and more importantly consciously CHOOSE to manifest the I we LOVE our SELVes to BE, we shall see manifestations of our dreams BEcoming reality in Every NOW, however big or small, we shall BE OPENly receiving and thus maintaining a state of Gratitude which only reinforces MORE of the same Fantabulousness :)

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE

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