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Shhhhhh…. can YOU hear it?

…..and so it IS that we need ask SELF when NOT ‘BEing LOVE’~~

“WHY?” & “WHOM?”~~

why am I thinking these thoughts, & from whom did I learn them???

We need reMIND SELF that our MIND’s thoughts are filled with the conditioning of others whom are NOT necessarily correct in their BEliefs….whom themSELVes have BEen conditioning- likely without their awareness thereto.

This conditioning IS for the most part NOT DOne with intentional malice, especially by those whom LOVE us ~ but BEcause they too have BEen subject to FEAR based conditioning.

Each of WE has the AWEsome response ability to awaken to TRUTH, which we DO by BEginning to ASK Questions instead of idly accepting everything that we are told.

There IS NO HARM in questioning, in seeking out yOUR own answers, in listening to yOUR Voice of LOVE.

Shhhhh….can YOU hear it?

ALLways, it, the LOVE, yOUR TRUTH, IS.

May the TRUTH of WE BEcome KNOWn in physically manifest reality to ALL of WE.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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