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The Heaven of NOW

Eckhart Tolle would BE proud :)

enJOY the BEauty Angels

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Humanity is currently experiencing a quantum leap in consciousness … from the 3rd dimension of Time and Space, to the 5th dimension of the Heaven of Now. Most people are not aware of this transformation and experience it as chaos, crisis and feelings that everything they hold as ‘normal’ is now falling apart.

This video is presented by Omnimodus Matris – LOVE LINES in hopes of relieving some of the anxiety that many are now feeling and to serve as a bridge to those consciously seeking to align themselves to the NEW ENERGY now firmly established on the planet.

For those who seek to understand more Omnimodus Matris – LOVE LINES offers SATSANG – “Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of Self Discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not.” Mooji

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

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