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To Fullfill yOUR Destiny IS

Sometimes our only purpose is simply to BE there for someone else – and in that NOW, BEing there IS our ULTIMATE PURPOSE :) BEing YOU.

KNOW THIS: without yOUR possessions, accolades, acKNOWledgments, without ALL the material evidence, YOU ARE a MIRACULOUS GIFT unto ALL! Having a difficult time processing this ONE? Think about a new born baby.[go to YOUTube and look up new borns, births, etc….to really connect with that to which we are speaking herein] how unBElievably Amazing it IS to see this new person after they have BEen growing within the womb of another ONE of WE, their mamma, for 10 months and suddenly, voila, just like that, here they are, flesh, blood, body and soul, interACTing with the rest of WE.


We don’t look unto them and ask what can YOU DO for me, what can YOU DO for we, we simply gaze upon them in AWE, in humbled, honoured, respectFull, BLISSed AWE.

Well…….they are just another reflection of each of WE….we ALL came here through the same Divine, phenomenal Miraculous journey.

There are sooo many ONEderFull things in each and every day, from the breeze through the trees to the miracle that is YOU! Take a moment to honour, appreciate, recognize, acKNOWledge, enJOY!

To “Fullfill yOUR Destiny” IS to accept, embrace and share yOUR TRUTH, the YOU, YOU LOVE yOUR SELF to BE with everyONE YOU come into contact with in every situation, ALLways…..most especially, with yOUR SELF…..declare it so to SELF & ALL :)

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
YOU ARE as much a part of ME as I AM YOU ❤

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


For those seeking assistance in cleaning, clearing, unblocking their FEAR based conditioning, YOU can set up yOUR OWN Personal Journey with Roni via
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For those in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area:
journeys may BE ventured in person through the comfort of our embracing Wisdom and Wellness Community Lounge~ Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary.
For those in the multitude of other ONEderFull areas upon our BEautyFull Earth School, journeys may BE arranged via email, phone, or Skype 😉
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