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Today YOU get to Receive…

Today will bring forth Gifts, Blessings, Insights, & abounding LOVE to YOU.

ALL ya gotta DO is BE Open to Receive to KNOW it experientially.

BE Open Sweet Angel, YOU are soooooo DESERVING of ALL that YOU desire, of yOUR dreams manifest physically & upon EVERY level of yOUR Multi Dimensional BEingness from the mental to the emotinal, the energetic to the physical, YOU ARE WORTHY of feeling fabYOUlous, LOVEd, LOVE, ALLways!

Indeed Sweet Angel YOU ARE ALL that YOU Desire, ALL that YOU require, ALL that YOU Dream to BE, for YOU are ONE with ALL that IS and thus withIN yOUR own BEingness IS ALL.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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    1. SacredSweetHeart (Reply) on Nov 28, 2010

      Dear Beloved One – Thank you for this warmth loving message. I feel every word resonating powerfully deeply through my Magnificent Divine Being as I read it. It’s even more powerful during PMS time as I tend to block things, feelings, hence feeling blocked :). So today more so I will be Open and Receive, so true… I really believe that’s all we have do :)

      Much Love and Light to you, Sweet Angel!