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Words of LOVE’s Wisdom

❤ We DO a lot to ‘better’ our SELF and sometimes, we stumble, sometimes, we fall. Recognize it and the FEELings thereto, then LET GO and move on in LOVE.

❤ Aspire to your HIGHest expression of manifest BEingness, making no excuses for when you do not. Simply accept, learn, grow, and embrace your self in LOVE and continue on aspiring.

❤ If we were ALL living life as intended, no one would BE seeking to know the ‘meaning of life’, ‘cuz we’d ALL BE too busy enJOYing it!
Things that make ya go “hmmmmm”.

 We need not focus upon the DOing when we are allowing our self to BE whom we are Naturally.  The ‘right’ DOing NATURALLY follows our bliss.

 We hold our SELF to very HIGH calibers, we must remember however, that we are constantly learning, expanding and growing, BE Gentle & Compassionate with self.

 ‘Letting go’ does NOT mean ‘giving up’. Letting go means Trusting that all will be exactly as it should for your HIGHest Happyness. :)

 Here’s an amazing, ONEderFull idea: instead of attempting to teach, Choose to BE the lesson.

When we ‘see ALL as a CHILD’ we see the BEST in everyONE. It is HOW we are Choosing to look and interpret others behaviour & BEingness. Ponder before assuming or attributing interpretations and meanings to others behaviours.
Even when someone is NOT acting from the innocence and love of a Child, Choosing to see them as so DOing will immediately elevate their own perception of self and thus their BEhaviour.

 When we are paying attention to our own internal mind’s conversations, we are where we need to BE, in our driver’s seat, able to make the turns required from negative to positive, and thus will our mind assist us.

In Truth, ALL we are and all we DO IS of, through, or for LOVE…whether we recognize it or not, everything centers around LOVE.*
Those NOT seemingly ACTing ‘from love’ in fact blatantly BEing anything but loving are in truth SCREECHING on the top of their lungs for love.

 It is vitally important that we remember we are ALL ENERGY~ everything IS energy and thus our greatest Affect IS energetically…..choose to BE LOVE.***

 If ya want “results” start by seeing where YOU ARE GETTING RESULTS…even on the most minuscule of levels and watch as it builds exponentially.

 Whatever other reasons may exist, We are all here to Love Self, to BE self true, to express the ONEderous BEauty & LOVE’s Light that IS YOU!

❤ There IS ONLY ONE YOU, only one FAB~YOU~lous, amazing, reflection of we that is as ONEderously put together as are you.*
Thank you for BEing.
Have you said thank you today? Thank you to YOU for CHOOSing to BE and giving self this AWEsome opportunity?
Shall we?
Embrace YOU in LOVE.*

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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